Filter Forge Filters For Text Effects

Filter Forge Filters For Text Effects

Among many other uses (here is the list with my tutorials), Filter Forge can be used for text effects, don't you know? I did some text effects in the past and re-discovered them recently while creating category thumbs (3) for my site Photoshop Plus.
category thumbs

Which Filter Forge filters to use for text effects

In essence, there is no limit which category of filters to use to produce cool text effects. Anyway, you should start with: Effects > Creative or Distortions. Most of the time you can get the right effect out of the box just by applying preset and other times you will need to adjust settings slightly.
bubbles adjust settings

There are also filters under Effects > Patterns which can produce cool effects when applied to text like: Chukify, Cross-stich and Puzzle Mosaic.

Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin

You can also use Effects > Misc > Plastered Wall, Metalizer and so on to create your effect, it really depends on your project needs.
plastered wall adjust settings

Starting point

Good starting point for your exploration is to type your text against contrasty background. Note: you must merge layers before visiting Filter Forge to create an effect.

I will recommend you to merge layers on Smart Object layer what gives you ability to retype text, change font or background. After converting two or more layers to Smart Object layer go and duplicate it, then rasterize because you cannot run Filter Forge on a Smart Object layer.
layers converted to SO

Combine filters

Beside that you can use any background like continuous tone image, seamless tiling pattern or solid color, you can also generate background using Filter Forge. Remember: Filter Forge filter can be anything that you currently need and you will find filters for just any effect in their library.
background layer generated using filter forge

Transparent background

With some of the filters like Bubbles you can generate text effect with transparent background. The requirement is to rasterize the type layer and then to apply Filter Forge filter. If you are looking for this kind of effects, then look first in Effects > Distortions. I will suggest you, when experimenting, to use dark color for text because you won't be able to clearly see an effect with white or very light text. You can in most cases easily change text color using Layer Style > Color Overlay effect.


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