Adobe Creative Cloud and Windows 10

Adobe Creative Cloud and Windows 10

Microsoft has recently published their newest OS: Windows 10. The question among Creative Cloud users is: should I upgrade? How upgrade will affect my workflow and CC apps? I have upgraded my OS from Win 8 to Win 10 immediately after it is published and this post will be some kind of user report and encourage to upgrade.

Why you should upgrade to Win 10

I am suggesting you to upgrade to Win 10 because it is better performing OS than previous Win 8. For the matter of fact, my opinion is that Win 8 is probably worse OS published by Microsoft. They had a difficult task to make worse OS after Vista, but they have successfully accomplished that task. Congrats Microsoft, I am awarding Win 8 for worse OS.

Creative Cloud apps and Win 10

My upgrade from Win 8 was automated and painless during night time while I was sleeping. Everything worked just fine in the morning. That was good one Mr. Microsoft. From the first run of Mr. Photoshop and other CC aps I understood that I did a good job by upgrading. Applications are performing even better and I didn't have much headaches which are solved with the newest updates for CC apps. In short, you will have an even better experience in case you decide to upgrade those days.

The biggest win: Adobe Bridge

The biggest win for me was performance of Adobe Bridge on the new OS. I do not have to wait 10 or 20 seconds (Win 8) for right click or context menu to appear. Thanks God!

Known issues

Here is the link to official page: Creative Cloud Help / Windows 10 compatibility statement and FAQ. Furthermore, I will describe only issue that I have encountered and I must mention that everything described was happening before newest updates.

Libraries panel
I had a problem with the Libraries panel in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
Libraries panel

The solution was to kill CC Libraries (32 bit) process while Photoshop is not running.
kill cc libraries

Where to find answers/ask question

If you have just any problem after upgrading to Win 10, I will suggest you to visit Adobe Forums and to search database or to simply ask question or to report problem/issue.
adobe forums

Creative Cloud Help / Update apps to Creative Cloud 2015


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