Akvis Frames Is Available For Free

Akvis Frames Is Available For Free

In this post I want to pass to you information that Akvis Frames 1.0 is available for download and its free. Along the way you will get few default frames and option to download Free Frame Pack.

What you can do with Akvis Frames

You can decorate your photos with high quality frames, which are actually nice compositions created by artists. It is extremely easy to use software which is a standalone application without any special requirement.
Akvis Frames Is Available For Free

What is the benefit

You do not need to purchase Akvis ArtSuite or Artistic Suite in order to use advantage of very cheap and high quality frame packs plus you will get few free frames.

Share from Akvis Frames
One of the benefits is ability to quickly and easily share your photos straight from the app. All you need to do is to click on the globe icon and to choose service.
share from akvis free

Requirements and compatibility

Akvis Frames 1.0 does not have any special requirement. All you need is Mac or Windows OS and email address to register app without any catch, restriction like watermark or advertisement displayed. In addition, application is localized and available in several languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian.
install language

Download link

Here is download link if you missed it at the top of this post.

Additional packs

In case you decide to go beyond frames that are available for free, here is the list with available premium packs and take a look below at some packs for which I have created presentations to showcase what you will get for less than $0.30 per frame.

Travel Pack (50 photo frames) $ 12

Wedding Pack (50 photo frames) $ 15

Saint Valentine Pack (50 photo frames) $ 12

Sports Pack (75 photo frames) $ 17

Christmas Pack (50 photo frames) $ 15

Baby Pack (50 photo frames) $ 15

Spring Pack (50 photo frames) $ 12

Winter Pack (50 photo frames) $ 12

Autumn Pack (50 photo frames) $ 12

Halloween Pack (50 photo frames) $ 15

Summer Pack (50 photo frames) $ 12

Fantasy Pack (55 photo frames) $ 15

Beauty Pack (50 photo frames) $ 15

Horror Pack (50 photo frames) $ 15

Pets Pack (60 photo frames) $ 15

Easter Pack (50 photo frames) $ 15


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