Tooltips, Tool Hints and Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop

Tooltips, Tool Hints and Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop

There are many helpers in Photoshop and other Adobe products which can help you while exploring and learning, but also and to speed up your workflow. It is funny and sad that many users needs help and forums/groups to figure out keyboard shortcut which they are seeing every day in front of them. It is the same with tips like: tip to use a modifier to change tool behavior. One of the keys in learning product is to open your eyes and to use everything that can help you. Adobe products have lots of stuff to help you instantly, you need to know only few of them.

Be smart, so many things are obvious

If you are completely new or you have a problem remembering things, just do not worry. Repetition is the mother of knowledge and you will start remembering shortcuts, menus and options after a certain amount of time and repeats. That's how things work for the most of the users and I cannot help you to speed up memorizing.

Process of mastering

If you take a look at my activities on the internet, you must see massive amounts of tutorials, how-tos, tips and answered questions. Some things I know due to the massive amount of repeats and the rest is: basic understanding of computer, how things works inside and outside application, what are digital images and what is the application role in this process. There is always a requirement for user input or interaction through options, sliders, input fields... Do not try to learn steps by hard, you will fail. There are so many things you can do, in fact, you can do anything with digital image if you can understand what is mentioned above and to break things down.

Process of learning and remembering

To remember/memorize things you must repeat them. To learn you must act, to do things. What can help you to remember is to open your eyes and tooltips. Just remember to take a look at the right side of menu option where are written shortcuts for that particular item.
shortcuts on the right side

Tooltips are also helpers and enabled by default in Preferences > Interface > Show Tool Tips.
show tool tips in preferences

Hover over a tool or option and hold down for a second to appear tooltip with shortcut in parentheses, an explanation or description.
shortcut tool tip on hover

Keyboard shortcuts are also written on the right side of the tool when expanding tools (Shift + shortcut) in Toolbar to select some other tool.
shortcut when tool group is expanded

Info panel (Window > Info) can provide you information about the tool or to remind you for some additional options which are available.
tool hints in the info panel

If you do not see a hint in the Info panel then you have turned off Show Tool Hints. Click on the Info panel menu (1) and choose: Panel Options...(2). In the Info Panel Options dialog (3) you have lots of useful info panel options to enable/disable. For the reference which option is doing what please visit Photoshop Help / Image information.
info panel options

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2014

Photoshop Help / Image information

Photoshop Help / Tool galleries

Photoshop Help / Preferences 


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