Panoramic Images in Lightroom CC

Panoramic Images in Lightroom CC

One of the coolest new features in Lightroom CC is ability to create panoramic images. The process is very pleasant and pretty fast. Lightroom is building quick preview and after confirming it will generate panorama while user can continue working in the Lightroom. What else to expect from the application? It is extremely easy to create panoramic images, just select photos and press Ctrl/Cmd + M and you are in business. In this post I will give you a few quick tips which can help you when creating panoramic images in Lightroom CC.

Few quick tips for panoramic images

I was waiting for this option for a long time. I actually like panoramic images and Lightroom is saving me time. It is simply a bit faster to do things in Lightroom than to use Bridge and Camera Raw. Here are three quick tips to make things faster and better, exactly as you want them.

Create Smart Collection(s)

It just saves time and makes things easier. Assign keyword: panorama, for example, to images captured for that purpose and create a Smart Collection.
smart collections in lightroom

Try different Projection options

Do not hesitate to try other options which are available under: Select a Projection in Panorama Merge Preview dialog. Auto option is fine, but in my case it simply does not give me most accurate result which, in my opinion, comes when Perspective is chosen.
panorama perspective

Use Lens Correction

Do not forget to use Lens Correction tab and options which are available to you: Upright or even Manual.
upright in lightroom


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