Easy Way To Learn How To Use Git and GitHub

Easy Way To Learn How To Use Git and GitHub

If you are a web designer or developer, chances are that you must learn how to use Git and GitHub. In case you are not familiar with the command line, then this task will look like rocket science, but it's not, believe to command line hater (me).

I thought that command line belongs to the past and only there. We have a graphical interface and nobody will ever use command line, people are never going back. False conclusion, it seems that feature is full of code and command lines from my perspective. So you get same conclusion and you decide to learn how to launch rockets. Where to start? You have tried several times and all you get are error messages and frustration. You keep thinking about the task and you have seen my title which promises easy way. It is easy because all you need is someone who can explain you what is all about and how to get started, right? Since we (humans) have built in preferences to learn from others by listening and watching, chances are that you are looking for video instructions with real World projects.

Video tutorials to learn how to use Git and GitHub

I am going to provide you 2 resources which will make you smile and up and running with Git in almost no time.

I will suggest you to use resources on lynda because instructor Kevin Skoglund really rocks and you will be smiling after a couple of watched videos. Look for: Git Essential Training title and enjoy. If you are not subscribed, keep in mind that you can always register for free trial and to learn for free, at least its free for 10 days what is more than enough in this case.
What id Git?

Second resource is absolutely free, available on Udacity and you can start learning at your own pace at any time. Look for a course: How to Use Git and GitHub. All you need is a free account and (that's an instructor's estimation) 6hr/wk in the next 3 weeks to complete the course which is full of explanations, downloadables and quizzes.

Feel free to stick with Google

Once you master Git take a look at other courses like courses listed in one of my previous posts: Free Web Design and Development Courses Built by Google. Let me suggest you to stick with Google's design guidelines, courses and resources because they are most serious player with most data, experience and probably biggest interest in providing to designers and developers quality information. Best of all, most of the goods by Google are absolutely free.


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