Free Web Design and Development Courses Built by Google

Free Web Design and Development Courses by Google

The internet is such a great place. It is full with thing that we call sites, blogs, social networks... You can do a lot of things on the internet including learning, to get certified or to earn a degree online. When it comes to serious learning, academic degrees and careers, then you can count resources at your fingertips and probably to name them loud. One of such resources is Udacity which offers free courses, but also and Nanodegree Programs. Nanodegree are credentials built and recognized by industry leaders to advance your career.

In this post I will point to courses for Web designers and developers which are done by Google experts.

Why Google

The main reason for me to choose and stick with Google when learning about Web design and development is because they are most serious in building complete solution with comprehensive guidelines and resources like Material Design, Web Fundamentals and many of their learning resources like courses done by Google experts on Udacity to which I want to point in this post. Everything is based on the same idea to enhance user experience and to help to designers and developers to create better, faster and more usable applications based on classic design principles and possibilities of  technology.

Just keep in mind

When learning something new it is not the best practice to jump straight to the intermediate or advanced portion. You can find step by step and precise instructions and you will get the job done. You will get even final product which counts as an intermediate or advanced level and you may learn something, but you will never master things without to master fundamentals. In fact, you will elongate your learning path and you will start depending on someone else while tricking yourself and others through final products.

To summarize this section: learn and master fundamentals in whatever you want to progress and whatever is important for your job and career. Otherwise, you will join army of those who speak the language of criticism and complaints: everything is changing too fast, things are too complicated, software is too difficult to learn, their job is ruined by sites which connects designers and customers and so on, and so on.

Nothing is really changing in this World, at least it is not that fast as many people see changes and want to present them. Things are moving from medium to medium, trends are changing, but fundamentals are exactly the same. So you have time, do not worry about the time which will pass anyway.

List of courses on Udacity done by Google experts

I will list below only courses related to web design and development which are provided to us by various Google experts in their fields.

Responsive Web Design Fundamentals.

Responsive Images

Browser Rendering Optimization

Developing Scalable Apps in Python

Developing Scalable Apps with Java

Mobile Web Development

Website Performance Optimization

HTML5 Game Development


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