Create Temporary Site Using Dreamweaver and Business Catalyst

Create Temporary Site Using Dreamweaver and Business Catalyst

One of the advantages of Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is that you can host up to 5 sites. This is a current offer which will end on May 1st, 2015. Note that existing customers will be able to enjoy this benefit as long as they remain subscribers.

Logically, you can create and temporary sites which can be used for a real World project or as a sandbox, playground. It is extremely easy to create temporary site and start messing with code if you haven't done that before. I will pass you and information that you can hide site from search engines and nobody besides you will be able to see temporary site. Nobody will see it anyway without a direct link, it's not that quick and easy, dear sir, and madams, to get noticed by search engines and displayed in search result.

Steps to create a temporary site using Dreamweaver and Business Catalyst

First thing first, you must have Dreamweaver installed on your machine. The next requirement is a Business Catalyst extension which you can install from Adobe Add-ons site. It is an easy and automated process.

Important note: before installing BC extension, ensure that you have enabled file sync for your Adobe Creative Cloud account. Here are more details under step 1.

Step 1 In Dreamweaver go to Site > Manage Sites.

Step 2 Create a new Business Catalyst Site
In the Manage Sites dialog, click on New Business Catalyst Site button. You may need to provide your credentials.
New Business Catalyst site

Step 3 Create temporary site
When Create Temporary Site dialog opens go and type name for your site in the text field next to Site Name:.

You can type and address next to the URL:. Do not bother too much, it will be changed anyway.

You have a couple of other options to choose like Country, Data Center (choose closest to you) and I will leave Automatically download the entire Business Catalyst site locally. It will take a few seconds to download site.
Choose data center

Lastly, click on Create Free Temporary Site button in the bottom right corner (you may need to click twice after BC check for address and inform you that the address is changed to something unique...)

Step 4 Navigate to root folder on your hard drive
The fourth step is to navigate to the folder (or create one on the fly) and tell to BC where to download your site locally.
Root folder to store site

You will see a pop-up message, if you follow along, which asks you: Are you sure you wish to get the entire site?. Click OK and wait a minute or less.

In Dreamweaver you will see Files panel and new temporary site - local view will be displayed.
Files panel in Dreamweaver

Step 5 Start messing with code
Everything fine, what now? Download some of the frameworks and copy/paste JavaScript, CSS and other dependencies in appropriate folders. Sync files, then follow instructions or tutorials for particular framework (if you need them and if available). One of the most popular frameworks is Bootstrap with lots of examples and tutorials. There are and many others like frameworks based on Material Design guidelines. You can also download Material Design swatches for Photoshop and Illustrator and to use advantage of Google Page Speed to download optimized custom CSS or JavaScript code which you have picked from the internet. Good luck, at least you have an easy starting point.

Step 6 Launch or delete a site
You will get email notification that a new temporary site is created. Use link next to: To administer your site, visit: and log in. In the Dashboard you will see options to Launch Site, to add custom domain or to simply delete temporary site. By the way, you can play around without launching site, it just won't be visible to search engines and you cannot add custom domain name.
dashboard temporary site

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014

Dreamweaver Help / Dreamweaver-Business Catalyst integration


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