Free Perfect Effects 9 For Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom

Free Perfect Effects 9 For Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom

In this post I want to inform you about new and free plugin from OnOne software: Perfect Effects 9. This plugin can be installed on Mac and Win and runs as standalone application plus as a plugin for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom.

What's new, pros and cons

The new option is a Smart Photo which allows you to re-edit your photo in Perfect Effects 9. This is a cool option but it is valid only to open photo in Perfect Effects, otherwise layers will be flattened when opening a photo in Photoshop. You can also print your photos directly from Perfect Effects Free.
perfect effects smart photo option

The pros are that Perfect Effects 9 have lots of quality presets and filters. Installation is painless and it will offer to remove previous version during installation. The software will automatically detect all compatible apps and will install its plugin component.

Cons are old: it requires lots of memory with slows down and potential crashes. I am running Win 8 with 8 GB memory while testing.

My overall rating is 4 stars mainly because it does have cool filters and lots of options including re-editable layers. I will recommend you to give it a try and if you do not like the experience you can uninstall software what is a pretty painless process. Alternatively, I will suggest you to try Topaz photography plugins.

How to get for free Prfect Effects 9

Go to OnOne > Free > Perfect Effects 9 Free and click on Download button. Fill out the form which has 4 required fields and download software.
onone form to get perfect effects for free


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