Business Catalyst Extension For Dreamweaver CC

Business Catalyst Extension For Adobe Dreamweaver

Business Catalyst extension for Dreamweaver works very nice, in fact it works perfectly, as expected. If you have just any problem then you can solve it in less then a minute by re-installing extension.

How to solve problem by re-installing Business Catalyst extension for Dreamweaver

Business Catalyst extension can be installed from Adobe Add-ons site. If you are downloading this extension for the first time everything will work fine, just ensure that you have the Sync option turned on in the Creative Cloud Desktop app (see step 1 below) and to quit Dreamweaver before clicking the Free button on Adobe Add-ons site.
Click on free button to install BC extension

In case you have installed the extension and it does not work as expected, here are steps to re-install it and to make it shine again.

Step 1 Turn Sync on in CC Desktop app
Launch Creative Cloud Desktop app and ensure that you have the Sync option turned on: gear icon > Preferences > Files > Sync On/Off > ensure that On is checked.
Sync is on in cc app

Step 1a Quit Dreamweaver
Ensure that you are not running Dreamweaver, quit it, before removal/installation process.

Step 2 Go to My Add-ons
Go to Adobe Add-ons site, login and navigate to My Add-ons. Look at Home page in the left sidebar, you should see My Add-ons and below link: All your purchases and shared items.
My add ons on adobe add-ons site

Step 3 Remove extension
Find Business Catalyst extension and click on the Remove button. Wait till you see a notification from the Creative Cloud Desktop app that this extension is removed.
Remove bc catalyst add on

Step 4 Re-install Business Catalyst extension
Once you receive removal notification from CC Desktop app you can click Install button on Adobe Add-ons site (Remove button will turn into Install once you have removed extension). Await notification from a Creative Cloud Desktop app that the extension is installed and launch Dreamweaver. Here is how your CC Desktop app should look like if you have done a good job.
BC addon reinstalled

Step 5 Adobe Forums - Dreamweaver
If you still have some problem, then I want to recommend you to visit the Dreamweaver forum and to type your issue or problem in the search box. In case you are the first to have that problem you can ask questions and to get help.
Dreamweaver forum

Product used in this tutorial:
Dreamweaver CC 2014

Dreamweaver Help / Dreamweaver-Business Catalyst integration


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