Simple Wood Frame (Free) Available on Adobe Add-ons

Simple Wood Frame (Free) Available on Adobe Add-ons

Recently I have published a tutorial on how to create a simple wood frame in Photoshop. While writing tutorial I have created one finished wood frame with custom wood texture. What happened next was that I found more wood textures in my collection: Wood textures which works perfectly with particular frame. That's what you can download (one base frame + 5 wood textures) from Adobe Add-ons where is published this freebie.

The license

The license for this freebie is free for personal and commercial use as and everything else listed on freebies page and my site Photoshop Plus.

Download link

Here is the link to get for free: Simple Wood Frame. Along with the frame and textures you will find and PDF file with instructions how to place image and how to replace a wood texture.
Simple Wood Frame Preview


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