Creative BW Lightroom Presets Available on Adobe Add-ons

Creative BW Lightroom Presets Available on Adobe Add-ons

Recently I have published Lightroom presets named: Creative BW Presets and it is available from Adobe Add-ons site. There are a total of 17 presets in this package: Aged and Aged 2, Camel, Chocolate, Coffee, Coper Red, Platinum and Platinum 2, Selenium and Selenium 2, Sepia and Sepia 2, Teal, Teal Rose, Umber.

The price for this collection with Lightroom presets is $6 and you can purchase presets with instant download from this page on Adobe Add-ons. Preview of all presets included in the package is available at the bottom of this post.

Creative BW Lightroom Presets Help

I will give you brief instructions how to install and use Creative BW Lightroom Presets. It should be an easy and fun process even if you never used presets before. Anyway, if you have just any problem or you need some additional help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

How to install Creative BW presets

You need to copy Creative_BW folder and to paste it into Lightroom > Develop Presets folder on your computer.

You can easily find Develop Presets folder by opening Preferences > Presets from Edit menu. Click on Show Lightroom Presets Folder button.
preferences with show lightroom presets folder button

In the window that opens go and click on Lightroom folder and you will see Develop Presets folder. Double click on the Develop Presets folder to open it and paste Creative_BW folder previously copied to the clipboard of your computer.
Creative_BW presets pasted in Develop Presets folder

Restart Lightroom and Creative_BW presets will appear in Develop module on the left side under Presets just below Navigator.

How to use Creative BW presets

You must select the photo and to expand Creative_BW folder. Click on preset name and it will be applied to currently selected photo.
apply preset

I will suggest you to adjust your image before applying any of the presets. By adjusting I mean to set Color Balance, Exposure, Shadows, Highlights and so on... in the Basic tab. You can do and other adjustments because the only thing that will change presets from this collection is to convert the image to Black and White and to change settings in the Tone Curve tab. Some of the presets (Aged, and Aged 2) will also change settings in the Effects tab: Post Crop Vignetting and Grain. If you want to apply some other preset instead of current then simply click on preset name.

Note: after using Aged or Aged 2 presets you will need to manually remove Vignette and Grain in the Effects tab, in case you do not want to use these effects with other presets. To reset vignette and grain, simply double click on the Amount letters in the Effects tab.
Double click on the Amount to reset settings for grain

Preview of all presets

Here is presentation with preview of all presets included. I am using single photo for preview purpose, but there isn't any limitation when to use presets. You can use presets with landscape photos, portraits, street photos, travel photos, fine art photos, snapshots and so on.


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