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How to Create Old Photo Effect in Lightroom

In this tutorial we will explore how to create or simulate old photo effect in Photoshop Lightroom. It is very similar process of what we have done in Photoshop in my previous tutorial with difference that we will use Tone Curve instead of Gradient Map adjustment which is not available in Lightroom.

What you need to understand As already mentioned, we are going to create effect using Tone Curve. In essence we are going to create same gradient as we did in Photoshop, but this time with slightly different values. Hopefully you are Creative Cloud or subscriber to Photography program and you have Photoshop installed. It is easier for me to explain you what's going on.

So lets go back to gradient from the previous tutorial. We have used following values:

left side color stop: #231704 (R = 35, G = 23 B = 4)right side color stop: #e6dbbf (R = 230, G = 219, B = 191)
We can do the exact same thing using Curves adjustment: The left side of the curve is corresponding to darkest pixels in our…

Easy Way to Create Old Photo Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will cover how to create or simulate an old photo look. It is much easier of what you may think and we will take the easiest approach in my opinion: using Gradient Map adjustment.

What does Gradient Map in Photoshop It will really help if you open any image in Photoshop and evoke Gradient Map adjustment from Window > Adjustments panel. By default, it uses Foreground and Background colors for gradient and you will probably see Black and White image on your screen (assuming that black and white are your foreground/background colors). Click on the rectangle in the Properties panel to open Gradient Editor dialog. Click on black color stop, then on rectangle next to Color at the bottom of the dialog. When Color Picker (Color Stop) dialog opens, click and choose any color: bright or dark red or green or blue. Just pick any color you want and watch the changes in your image. What is going on with your image? It is changing colors according to chosen color for color s…

Glow Layer Styles Available for Free on Adobe Add-ons

For a limited time you have the opportunity to download for free my paid product: Glow Layer Styles for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. This set with 48 styles does not have any limitation, all styles work fine with just any typeface and shape. The only thing you may need to do is to scale effect for what you have instruction in the PDF help file which ships with the product.

Styles included in this package:

SummerJapaneseVintageRetroSpringVitamin C
Here is the download link to product on Adobe Add-ons. Have a fun!

How To Record Droste Effect Action in Photoshop

Recently I have published Droste Effect action which is also available for free on Adobe Add-ons site. It is picking up and I expect to be my most popular freebie. In this post I will explain you how to record this or similar action.

Another task that I want to accomplish in this tutorial is to ask you whether you want to see a premium version of Droste Effect actions. If yes, please use the form at the bottom and provide me link to a sample of the effect you want me to automate.

Let's talk about the approach (planning action)What we know about our task is that we want image to be scaled down for 5% with each new increment or layer. That's the case with action that I have recorded, action is scaling down starting image with 5% increment on each layer above. What we need to do? In essence, we need to duplicate image 19 times and then to scale each piece. That's not difficult to accomplish right? If you record the steps while creating the effect you can run action on any ima…

When, Why and How To Use Graphic Watermark in Lightroom

One of advantages which can be and benefit in Lightroom is the ability to use a graphic watermark. You can treat this option as an additional layer above your image.

Why and when to use a graphic watermark Obviously you can use this option to watermark and protect your image, but not only. Graphic can be your company logo, overlay or frame (assuming that the file has transparency). I have already posted: Fee Ripples and Frosted Glass Overlays where I have mentioned that you can use overlays in Lightroom. There are and many other of my freebies which will be delivered as PNG images with transparency like Painting & Classic Frames and so on. Nowadays we have subscription options for Adobe products and if you have Photoshop installed, which comes together with Lightroom in Photography Program, then you have the ability to save or export images with transparency what is not a difficult task.

How to setup graphic watermark Go to Edit > Edit Watermarks and select Graphic in the top …

Simple Wood Frame (Free) Available on Adobe Add-ons

Recently I have published a tutorial on how to create a simple wood frame in Photoshop. While writing tutorial I have created one finished wood frame with custom wood texture. What happened next was that I found more wood textures in my collection: Wood textures which works perfectly with particular frame. That's what you can download (one base frame + 5 wood textures) from Adobe Add-ons where is published this freebie.

The license The license for this freebie is free for personal and commercial use as and everything else listed on freebies page and my site Photoshop Plus.

Download link Here is the link to get for free: Simple Wood Frame. Along with the frame and textures you will find and PDF file with instructions how to place image and how to replace a wood texture.

Creative BW Lightroom Presets Available on Adobe Add-ons

Recently I have published Lightroom presets named: Creative BW Presets and it is available from Adobe Add-ons site. There are a total of 17 presets in this package: Aged and Aged 2, Camel, Chocolate, Coffee, Coper Red, Platinum and Platinum 2, Selenium and Selenium 2, Sepia and Sepia 2, Teal, Teal Rose, Umber.

The price for this collection with Lightroom presets is $6 and you can purchase presets with instant download from this page on Adobe Add-ons. Preview of all presets included in the package is available at the bottom of this post.

Creative BW Lightroom Presets Help I will give you brief instructions how to install and use Creative BW Lightroom Presets. It should be an easy and fun process even if you never used presets before. Anyway, if you have just any problem or you need some additional help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

How to install Creative BW presets You need to copy Creative_BW folder and to paste it into Lightroom > Develop Presets folder on your computer…

Free Droste Effect Action For Photoshop and Elements

Today I have to share very cool action named: Droste Effect. Action can be used in Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (tested on PSE 12 and 13) with small difference that you do not have Layer Comps in Elements to quickly preview effect with 10 and 20% increment, you must do that manually. The license for this freebie is free for personal and commercial use as and everything else listed on freebies page and my site Photoshop Plus.

How to use Droste Effect actionYou need to unzip package and to load Droste Effect action in Photoshop/Photoshop Elements. Easiest way is from File > Open > navigate to Droste Effect.atn and double click on it. Click on Droste 5, 10 and 20% increment action to select it then click on Play selection button at the bottom of Actions panel (Window > Actions).

When action finish playing you can open Window > Layer Comps and to quickly preview effect with 5, 10 or 20% increment (this option is not available in Photoshop Elements).

Note: action will …