Useful Info in Photoshop's Document Tab

Useful Info in Photoshop's Document Tab

In this quick tip I want to point to Photoshop's document tab (window) which contains very useful information's. If you are wondering which layer is selected, do you work in the proper color mode or do you have unsaved changes, document tab will tell you in a second.

What information's are available in the document tab

We will start from left to right:

  • The copyright symbol (©) will tell you that you (or someone else) have added metadata (keywords, copyright notice, right usage terms...) from File > File Info.
  • Second information is document name.
  • Third information in the row is current zoom level.
  • Inside parentheses you have the first information: which layer/group is selected (in case you have layers in your document and some of the layers or group is currently selected). Sometimes you will see info that Layer/Filter Mask or Alpha channel is selected. When a Type layer is selected then you will see the beginning text from that layer.
  • The second information inside parentheses is Color Mode (RGB, CMYK, Lab..).
  • Third information inside parentheses, just after the slash is a bit depth (e.g. 8 bits per channel).
  • If you see an asterisk inside parentheses, then you have a color profile mismatch. The current document does not have the same profile which is specified in Edit > Color Settings.
  • Lastly, asterisk immediately after parentheses will tell you that your document has unsaved changes.

If you are wondering what is doing at symbol (@) just before zoom level, then you have info that it stands for: at the following zoom level, while the hash tag (#) is short for bits per channel.


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