How to Create Galvanized Steel Texture in Photoshop CC 2014 (Plus Free Action)

How to Create Galvanized Steel Texture in Photoshop CC 2014 (Plus Free Action)

In this post I will explain you how to create galvanized steel texture in Photoshop CC 2014. At the top of this post you have screenshot with comparison of image taken by camera vs texture that I came up with (left side is what we are going to create and the right side is photograph taken by me and used as a reference or sample). I have recorded and an action which you can download for free and use it to shorten the amount of time plus to skip following instructions by hard. Just play action and you will have texture created.

Download Galvanized steel action and how to use it

Download action from here. After downloading package, unzip it and load action in Photoshop from File > Open > navigate to Galvanized Steel.atn file and double click on it. Display Actions panel from Window > Actions, select Galvanized steel action then click on Play selection button at the bottom of Actions panel.
Play Galvaized Steel Action

Steps to create Galvanized steel texture

I will be very short since you have action to download and you do not need to memorize or write settings used in several dialog's. Just a reminder that you can enable modal controls in action and change setting for each step in the action.

Step 1 Create a new document
In the very first step you should create a blank new document from File > New. In this case I am using 500x500px dimensions.

Step 2 Fill Background layer with 50% Gray
Fill created Background layer with 50% Gray from Edit > Fill > choose 50% Gray from Contents drop down list.

Step 3 Sponge filter
Go to Filter > Filter Gallery and choose Sponge filter from Artistic folder. Set the following settings:
  • Brush Size: 10
  • Definition: 19
  • Smoothness: 12

Step 4 Sponge filter again
Apply one more time Sponge filter but this time use slightly different settings:
  • Brush Size: 5
  • Definition: 20
  • Smoothness: 15

Step 5 Crystalize filter
Go to Filter > Pixelate > Crystalize and set 15 for Cell Size.

Step 6 One more time Crystalize filter
Apply one more time Crystalize filter. This time set Cell Size to 8.


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