How To Create Concrete Texture in Photoshop (Plus Free Action)

How To Create Concrete Texture in Photoshop (Plus Free Action)

In this post I will guide you in step by step tutorial how to create concrete texture. Along the way I have recorded action which is fully automated and you will end up with concrete texture just by playing action.

First thing first, download action from here.

How to use Concrete action

Start Photoshop and go to File > Open. Navigate to Concrete.atn file and double click on it. Display Actions panel from Window > Actions. Select Concrete Texture action and click on Play selection button at the bottom of Actions panel. Everything will be done in a second.
Play Concrete Texture action in Photoshop

If you want to change or modify action, please read instructions how to enable modal controls and how to include/exclude steps from the action.

Step by step instructions to create Concrete texture

Since you have action to automate task, I will be very short and precise in this step by step guide.

Step 1 Create new document
Go to File > New and create new document. I have recorded 1200X1200px document dimensions in the action.

Step 2 Fill layer with 50% Gray
In this step go to Edit > Fill > 50% Gray (Contents drop-down list) to fill Background layer with neutral gray.

Step 3 Apply Craquelure filter
Go to Filter > Filter Gallery, choose Craquelure filter (Texture folder) and use those settings:
  • Crack Spacing: 100
  • Crack Depth: 8
  • Crack Brightness: 8

Step 4 Apply Craquelure filter (one more time)
Just press Ctrl/Cmd + F on your keyboard and Photoshop will apply same filter with the same settings.

Step 5 Apply Sandstone texture
Visit again Filter Gallery and this time use Texturizer. Choose: Sandstone from: Texture drop down list and use following settings:
  • Scaling: whatever looks good to you. I have recorded 60 in action.
  • Relief: again, whatever looks good to you. I have recorded 12 in action.
  • Light Direction: Top

Step 6 Apply Grain filter
Lastly, visit one more time Filter Gallery and this time use Grain filter (Texture folder one more time, all filters are in the same folder). I have recorded following settings:
  • Intensity: 12
  • Contrast: 30
  • Grain Type: Horizontal (drop down list in the middle on the right side of screen).

Customization tip
Use Curves or Levels to reduce highlights and to control overall brightness/darkness.


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