DesignEasy Most Popular Posts, Numbers and Trends in 2014

DesignEasy Most Popular Posts, Numbers and Trends in 2014

This post is a short summary what have been done in 2014 with the list of the most popular posts. Total of published posts in 2014 is 153 with more than 1.200.000 page views. The most popular single post was: Must-have Adobe Muse Freebies while most traffic is driven by a series of posts: Easy Way to Automate Photoshop with Variables. Not surprisingly, articles with freebies are almost half of the most popular posts.

Speaking about trends I see increased interest for Photoshop automation, Adobe Illustrator tutorials and big popularity of Adobe Muse (web design) related post.

List with the most popular posts published on DesignEasy in 2014

  1. Must-have Adobe Muse Freebies (freebie)
  2. Easy Way to Automate Photoshop with Variables (series of 7 posts)
  3. Free PSD Template With Various Frames (freebie)
  4. Free Automated PSD Template: Collage from Scattered Images (freebie)
  5. New Adobe Add-ons Website
  6. Adobe Kuler Panel For Photoshop CC 2014 Available on Adobe Add-ons (freebie)
  7. Photoshop Actions to Take Adobe Textures Pro to the Next Level (freebie)
  8. 5 Very Cool Tips for Adobe Muse CC 2014
  9. Free Leather and Paper Seamless Tiling Patterns (freebie)
  10. A Very Nice Collection with Adobe Illustrator Tutorials 

What you can expect on DesignEasy in 2015

I plan to finish series of post with the tag: how things works which have a a task to demystify Photoshop and it's "complexity". You can also expect articles about Photoshop from beginner tutorials to automation and more tutorials about web technologies, how to use advantage of Adobe products in process of learning, creating and earning.


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