Topaz Collection With Photography Plugins For $250 Only!

Topaz Collection of Photography Plugins For $250 Only!

There are some great news from Topaz for all those who are looking for plugins to speed up image processing tasks. Topaz has solution for every task starting with digital noise, color corrections, various adjustments including Black and White conversion, to work with contrast, to work with portraits, to work with selections and even to convert continuous tone images to paintings. Topaz plugins works with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom, but can be also used and as standalone applications.

If you take a calculator in hand, then you will see that one plugin from this collection will cost you less than $17. Take a look at marketplaces and what is the cost of actions and presets. You have no other choice than to agree that this is more than fair offer. This offer they call Black Friday sales and is available from November 28th through December 1st. Coupon code is BLACKFRIDAY2014.

Credits for image used for cover to Trey Ratcliff – the "Pioneer of HDR Photography".

What is the strength of Topaz collection

Topaz collection is huge with 15 individual plugins and it covers every task with digital images. Every of their 15 plugins work very fast and offers enough, but not an overwhelming amount of controls. They have excellent customer support and education center with tons of highest quality tutorials and webinars. On top of all they are not charging for upgrades, you will buy a lifetime license with free upgrades. Plugin version is only reference, you own that plugin and you will receive any future version for free with an even better solution when they come with it. If you are existing customer and you have one or more plugins bought they will take that into account and lower the price.

Tutorials that can help you to get started

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