Selection Preview Options For Color Range Command in Photoshop CC 2014

Selection Preview Options For Color Range Command in Photoshop CC 2014

One of the common tasks in Photoshop is to create selections, right? One of the most powerful commands to create accurate selections is Select > Color Range command. There is one option at the bottom which is usually overlooked by users: Selection Preview. This option combined with shortcuts and tools which are available even when Color Range dialog is displayed and active, can help you in creating very accurate and precise selections.

What is helpful with Selection Preview

In the Color Range dialog you have small preview which can be used to tweak selection and may serve as a preview of what is selected. I cannot say it is not helpful for preview but there are much better options in my opinion. From the Selection Preview drop-down list you have several options which will create an overlay on actual image which can be zoomed in 100% or at any zoom level even after opening Color Range dialog. Keyboard shortcut to zoom to 100% is Ctrl/Cmd + 1.

After zooming in, you will have a very accurate preview with Quick Mask overlay, for example, so you can accurately judge should you use sliders in Color Range dialog for additional tweaks or not.
Selection Preview Options in Color Range dialog

Of course, you can use the Eyedropper to add or subtract from selection by clicking directly on the image. Another thing to consider is that you can zoom in and out as many times as you want using keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl/Cmd+ (+) or (-), Ctrl/Cmd+ 0 and 1 or to press Ctrl/Cmd + Spacebar and then to click and drag using the Zoom tool. Using Spacebar you can access Hand Tool to navigate through document.

Think outside the box

Always think outside the box. Look at important parts which is difficult to select and consider creating and merging/subtracting saved selections for what can come handy Select > Save Selection and Load Selection commands.

Once you have created selection you can make additional tweaks using common and simple selection tools like Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) as I did in this case.
Subtract From Selection Using Rectangular Marquee Tool

After Subtracting Using rectangular Marquee Tool

If you think that selection need more tweaks then simply grab Polygonal Lasso Tool, for example, and enhance your selection. It is simple as that!
Make Additional Tweaks Using Polygonal Lasso Tool

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Release

Photoshop Help / Selecting a color range in an image


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