Easy Way to Submit Product (Files) to Adobe Add-ons

Easy Way to Submit Files to Adobe Add-ons

I can guess that you are already using Creative Cloud Market and Adobe Add-ons site (former Adobe Exchange) as a sources for freebies and quality solutions. You can submit your own solution which can be any file that can run or to be opened in CC applications like: PSD template, brush set, actions, seamless tiling patterns, InDesign template, EPS, AI, mulib, muse and so on, and so on. There is my post from earlier, which explains how to prepare and submit files, but process have been greatly simplified and currently you cannot find an easier way to submit files to any of available marketplaces. In fact, the process is simple as uploading files to your blog or site.

Why to submit your solution to the Adobe Add-ons site

In the first place you can give back one piece of what you are getting from the community and make some users happy. The second reason is that your submission can change your career and life. A very, very cool things are happening where most of us do not expect them. The third reason is that you can sell your quality solutions for which you have spent time to develop. Research a bit and see what other developers are selling, then create your solution and offer it. Usually developers are getting started by providing freebies and later they are offering and premium stuff. Selling solutions on Adobe Add-ons can bring you some income or at least to cover expenses for Photography program or Creative Cloud subscription.

What makes things so easy

In the past few months Adobe Add-ons site has changed name and the way how users can submit solutions which can be and one single set with Photoshop brushes. You can very easily submit My Brushes.abr file without any special preparation, just navigate to file which you want to upload. Another way is to compress files in ZIP package what is the most common way of distribution and to upload that file. Since some preview and icons are required, guys have prepared Adobe Exchange Assets which you can download for free. You can download files or to skip even that set because another option is to upload images which will be automatically cropped and adjusted to required dimensions.

To summarize: you can upload any file type as it is created and for previews and icons you can upload images at any dimensions without any additional work and optimization. Can it be better and easier? However, I want to give you some basic instructions and advices before you start submitting to Adobe Add-ons.

Note: do not type ampersand (&) in the file name when uploading files.

What I want to recommend you

In the first place check that your files are well structured and organized. Pay attention and on layer naming convention or anything else that can help the user. Keep in mind that many users are just getting started and that some of them do not know even how to load brushes or Photoshop actions. It is not difficult to prepare help files with basic instructions. The most common and the best way is to provide PDF file with instructions, few screenshots and video recording if possible. Always include your contact information so users can contact you for any additional help, collaboration or even to ask you for service or to offer you a job. As I said earlier in this post, very cool things are happening where you do not expect them.

Requirement to submit files

The only requirement is to create a free account from here. With a basic free account, you are allowed to publish up to 10 products, of which 2 are paid.

How to submit files

Once you have an account created there are a few easy steps to submit your solution. After signing in navigate to My Products page (click on My Products in the top left corner of the browser window.

Step 1 Create new product
The very first step is to click on the New Product button at the right side of the screen.
Click on New Product button

Step 2 Add description and tags
In the second step you can add a description, tags and to choose purchase type in the section number one: Product Details. By the way, you can fill this section after choosing file to upload.

Step 3 Select file to upload
Let's say that you have package with files and instructions compressed in ZIP format what is the most common way of distributing over the internet. First, click in front of: Upload a single file (I already have a ZXP, ZIP, PSD, etc. that I want to upload) to see a green checkmark then click on Choose File button and navigate to file which you want to upload (number 1 on the screenshot below).

Step 4 Choose Products
After selecting file to upload click on Choose Products button (2) which will appear after selecting file to upload and will open new pop-up window. In this window you need simply to choose targeted product from the list. There is and drop-down list to choose product version. Click OK button at the bottom right side to confirm and you are done in this step.
Upload files and choose products

Step 5 Go to the next step
After file is uploaded you will see green checkmark: Uploaded just below Choose File button. Ensure that you have entered description and instructions for the user where to find files. In case you are uploading ZIP package just write that files will be installed on user Desktop and that user needs to unzip the package. Installation instructions are in section 3 - Notes, near the bottom of the page. You can mention and folders if you have them in the package and explain where users can find main and help files. Lastly, click on the Next button at the bottom of the window to proceed.
File uploaded plus description and tags added

Step 6 Upload assets (icons and images)
After a few seconds (usually less than a minute, depend on file size) you will see Editing My Product page where you should upload icons and preview images. Use Choose File buttons to navigate to icon 60x60px, featured image 195x160px and preview images which should be 331x331px. Basically you can upload images with any dimensions what is not best practice, just to mention that you can. Icon and preview images will be cropped automatically in case you choose to upload images which are not prepared in advance with Adobe Add-ons in mind. I will recommend you to spend some time and at least create or to choose square files to upload. It is also a good idea to add captions for preview images (right side of the preview image).
Upload images and icons

Step 7 One more Next button and almost done
Once you have uploaded icons and preview images, click on the Next button at the bottom of the window.
Click the Next button after uploading images and icons

Step 8 Submit product
The last step is to click Submit or Submit (with Auto-Publish) button. The difference is that Submit button will submit files for review, but you will need to visit one more time Adobe Add-ons site to click Publish button after receiving notification that files are approved.
Submit product for review

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