New Edge FX Pro Panel for Photoshop CC 2014

New Edge FX Pro Panel For Photoshop CC 2014 Available on Adobe Add-ons

Edge FX Pro is the most popular extension on new Adobe Add-ons site. Good news for all edge lovers is a brand new panel that is compatible with Photoshop CC 2014. One of the most exciting options is to import your or third party edges. I prepared entire set with 200 edges that are available from Add-ons site  for $5. Those customers who already own some of my products with edges do not need to purchase Cool Edges for Edge FX Pro. Instead, they can optimize edges from PSD templates and import them in panel.

Get Edge FX Pro and its features

Edge FX Pro is not free, but it is worth every cent of its $9,95 price. You can purchase panel from here.

Display Edge FX Pro panel
After acquiring product, you can display panel from Window > Extensions > Edge FX Pro.

Get started using panel
To get started you can click on any thumbnail with edge and panel will open: Open dialog for you in case you do not have any image open. Navigate to the image on your drive and wait a second for panel to do its job.

Options in the panel
At the bottom of the panel, you have lots of options. I will explain options starting from the left to the right side of panel:

  • Randomizer is the first icon from the left. This option will choose and apply random edge from the current set loaded in the panel.
  • Go to previous edge or Revert button will discard all the steps required to apply last selected edge and will revert to the previous state.
  • Rotate and resize button is useful when combining two or more edges. It allows you to scale ad rotate the last applied edge.
  • Import third party edges button allows you to import your or edges created for Edge FX Pro panel from third party side.
  • Reset the panel button will reset panel to the default set of edges that ships with the panel.
  • Black button will make edges black.
  • White button will make edges white.
  • Flatten image will do that: flatten the image.

Options in Edge FX Pro panel

More Options
When you hover over More Options at the bottom of the panel, it will display additional options:

More Options in Edge FX Pro panel

Preview of all edges in the first pro pack created for Edge FX Pro

Here is a preview of all edges included in Cool edges for Edge FX pack that I have created. You can purchase this pack from Adobe Add-ons site.

For existing customers of my edge templates
If you are the owner of my product: Cool Photo Edges (PSD), you do not need to purchase Cool Edges for Edge FX. Instead, open each of ten templates included in the package and use: File > Scripts > Layer Comps to Files.

  1. In the Layer Comps To Files dialog, specify the destination folder using Browse button. 
  2. From the File Type, a drop-down list chooses: JPEG
  3. Type number 8 for Quality
  4. Lastly, click the button Run and wait a couple of seconds.

Layer Comps To Files dialog with settings to save edges for Edge FX Pro

Export edges from all templates in the same folder. You can rename exported files using Adobe Bridge. Ensure that files do not have spaces in the name. Here is how to remove sequence numbers and empty spaces from the file name.

To import edges into Edge FX Pro panel use: Import third party edges button. The panel will generate thumbnails during import, and you must wait a couple of minutes.

If you have just any problem or you can not accomplish this task, contact me with the purchase serial number, and I will send you pack optimized for Edge FX Pro panel.

Save your edges and optimize them for import in Edge FX Pro panel

You can save your edges and import them in Edge FX Pro panel using Import third party edges button. Although you can use and PNG file format, it is recommended to save files as JPEG's. You will have tons of edges, and JPEG format will save a lot of disc space. Here are some basic advice's and instructions:
  • Recommended dimensions are 1800x1200px with resolution 300px/in. Specify 70-80% or Quality 8 when saving files. 
  • No spaces are allowed in the file names (here is how to batch remove spaces in the file name).
  • Images should be black and white where black color represents edges. All files with edges must be in the same folder. 
  • You can create as many folders with edges as you want. 
  • Thumbnails will be created by Edge FX Pro panel during import.


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