Make Right Click Your Habit in Creative Cloud Applications

Make Right Click Your Habit in Creative Cloud Applications

We all know for right/Cmd + click and context menu in Creative Cloud applications. When I am talking about or presenting right click nobody is so excited until I show them available options which are different and depends on the tool, panel in use but also and where user have clicked. It is easy to understand how context menu can save you tons of time and speed up your workflow. When I finish my presentation, the usual response is: I must start using right click more often! Beside reading those lines there is one more easy step to start using advantage of right click but let me first explain you why you should make it your habit.

Why to make right click your habit

Adobe applications which I am covering on this blog has a powerful context menu which can save you tons of time and effort to remember shortcuts and where a particular command lives in menus. That's first why explained. Second, why is that many times you will find more useful context menu than a keyboard shortcut because it is easier to access it and it is faster to evoke desired command or dialog. By default, some commands available in the context menu like Convert to Smart Object, Save Selection, Color Range, Transform Selection... does not have a keyboard shortcut and you must assign and remember it.

Some practical examples

You want some examples? Check what Photoshop has to offer in context menu (right/Cmd + click) with selection tools active (Marquee, Lasso, Quick Selection, Magic Wand). You will see options like: Deselect, Layer via Copy or Cut, Color Range, Save Selection, Load Selection and so on and so on. Context menu is changing and it is worth to check what is available with and without selection created.
Context menu on right click with Magic Wand with and without selection active
Comparison of context menu with and without selection with Magic Wand active in Photoshop.

Do you know that you can copy hex code of the color you are hovering over on right click with the Eyedropper Tool active? Check it out.
Copy hex code on right click with eyedropper tool active in Photoshop
You can copy Hex code from context (right click) menu when Eyedropper Tool is active in Photoshop.

Do you know that the right click with the Custom Shape Tool active will display pop-up with custom shapes?
Context menu on right click with Custom Shape Tool active
Right click menu will display pop-up with custom shapes when Custom Shape Tool is active in Photoshop.

Have you tried option to select layers and groups from right click menu with the Move Tool active in Photoshop?
Select layers using context menu with Move Tool active
You can select layers and layer groups using right click menu with the Move Tool active in Photoshop.

When Photoshop is concerned then it is probably worth to mention and that you can see accurate Print Size on right click with Hand or Move Tool active.

Other good examples are InDesign and Adobe Bridge. Beside some common commands like Cut, Copy and Paste, InDesign offers in its context menu things like: Fitting options, Anchored Object options, Text Frame options, to Insert Special Character, Variable, White Space, Break Character and so on and so on. Options in context menu depends on tool, panel and where you have clicked.
Right click in InDesign
InDesign has comprehensive and useful right click menu.

From my personal experience I am using right click in Adobe Bridge almost 70% of time spent in this application.
Right click in Adobe Bridge
Most of the time I am using right click or context menu in Adobe Bridge.

One more thing: what you will see in context menu depends on Tool in use, what you have already done with tool, but also depends on the panel, type of layer, and where you have clicked. Go in the Layers panel and check context menu when you click on thumbnail versus when you click on the layer outside of thumbnail. That's one example.
Right click on Type Layer versus right click on layer thumbnail
Comparison of context menu with right click on Type Layer and Type Layer thumbnail in Photoshop's Layers panel.

Another example is right click on Effects when you have Layer Style applied.
Right click on Effects with Layer Style applied
Context menu which appears on right click on Effects with Layer Style applied to the Layer in Photoshop.

Check also right click on Smart Filters and filter name with filter(s) applied to the Smart Object layer.
Right click on filter name with smart filters applied in Photoshop
Context menu when is right-clicked filter applied to the Smart Object layer.

You have and options on right click on Layer/Vector Mask, do not forget that.

Photographers will judge me if I forget to mention right click in Lightroom which has some useful, important and critical commands in context menu which appears on right/Cmd + click.
Right click in Lightroom
Lightroom also has useful context or right click menu with some very important commands like Edit In.

So far so good. Great tip you will say, but before leaving this page proceed to read and my advice how to make all that options work for you, actually how to make them your habit and to use them whenever it is appropriate.

How to make right click your habit

A few years ago I have accepted that I must continue learning for the rest of my life. That's true for most of you and especially for those who are freelancers and those who want to succeed. If you want to succeed you must learn almost every day something new. More you learn, the more options you will have to work with and to choose from. You will be also and more flexible what grant you long, successful life in whatever you are currently doing.

Just by reading some tip or post with some technic does not mean you will start benefiting from it. If you think like: I will remember this next time when I start Photoshop, Bridge, InDesign, Muse, Illustrator, Acrobat... chances are that you won't. My personal experience and advice for you is to use bookmarks, to write reminders, or if you have access to applications go and try it immediately.

If you have access to any application then go and run it. Open some project or play around and use the tools and panels you are often using. Try right click and see what options you have. Use some command from the context menu that you are using often or you didn't know it existed there. See the benefit in action and that will force you to remember it. Next time you run same or some other application, chances are that you will remember right click. Very soon you will discover all available options and when is most appropriate or worth to use them. Very soon you will make right click your habit and it will start working for you.

Right click can save you tons of time and frustrations so go and make it your habit!


It's your turn now. What you think about my tip? What is your way of memorizing things?

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