Instant Cool Photo Frames Updated and Available on Adobe Add-ons

Instant Cool Photo Frames

One of the things that I am doing often is to update my products on Adobe Add-ons. I am not talking about bug fixes, but rather about adding functionality and features, optimized version for Photoshop Elements or new actions and templates. This particular product you can treat as a product + freebie because there are 6 frames or overlays available as trial version which you can use free of charge in your personal and commercial projects.

How to get Instant Cool Photo Frames

Visit Adobe Add-ons site, sign in and click Try button. Everything will be done automatically and after a few seconds you will be notified that the trial is acquired. You will find on your Desktop folder named: Instant Cool Photo Frames (Test).
Download free sample version with 6 overlays


Here is preview with templates in the package plus indicator which overlays are available in trial (free) version.

Why I am updating so often products on Adobe Add-ons

There are several reasons for me to update my products:

  • The updated version will be automatically delivered to all existing customers (without any further action from my side). Satisfied customers are the only guarantee that I will have a long life as a producer.
  • I am adding optimized version for Photoshop Elements users to some of my products. Some users may have only Photoshop Elements installed or simply want to use actions in Elements.
  • I am also updating products when I have developed more actions or templates like in this case.
  • Sometimes I am adding conditional actions to my published products. Since Adobe Add-ons supports Photoshop CS6 and later versions I am sure that every user will have the benefit of conditional actions added to the product. Conditional actions can inform users about requirements, for example. Instead of error message user will get a nice pop-up with information that the action requires flattened instead of layered file. Other times I am merging two sets and using conditional actions to determine if document Has Layers to select and run proper action for layered files.


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