How to Install Previous Version Using Creative Cloud Desktop App

Install previous version using Creative Cloud Desktop App

Creative Cloud Desktop App is one elegant and very useful application. It is much more than updater for Creative Cloud. You can download available apps included in Creative Cloud, to manage files and fonts, to track Behance activities, to get inspired, to access product tutorials, to download freebies from the Creative Cloud Market or to install localized versions if you need them. There is also one option for which you may not know: to install previous versions of products. As a Creative Cloud subscriber you have many benefits including ability to install any CS6+ version. There aren't many reasons to install previous versions but you may want to check something, compare or you are missing some features like Oil Paint filter in Photoshop, for example. Adobe Creative Cloud App is also required to acquire products and freebies from Adobe Add-ons site.

Download Creative Cloud Desktop App

If you do not have Creative Cloud Desktop App installed go and get it from here.

How to Install Previous Version

First, you need to run Creative Cloud Desktop App. Click on Apps tab and scroll down to see Find New Apps header with drop-down on the right side. Click on drop-down to expand it and choose: Previous Version.
Choose Previous Version from drop-down menu

The Creative Cloud Desktop App will list products and you need to click on the triangle which is on the right side of: Install button. Select version you want.
Click on Install button and choose version you want

The download process will start immediately.
Download progress

Product used in this tutorial:
Creative Cloud Desktop App

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