Review: Topaz ReMask 4 + 50% Off Discount Code

50% Discount on Topaz ReMask 4

Good news for those who are looking for help when creating layer masks. With the new version of Topaz ReMask 4 this plugin starts to be a valuable tool and for those who know their way around when creating masks. Another good news is a 50% discount ($34.99 instead of $70).

Download free trial of Topaz Remask and use code julyremask for a 50% discount. The coupon code is valid through .

Advantages of Topaz ReMask 4

I will list some advantages and improvements in the new version. By the way, if you already own copy of ReMask I want to pass information that is worth to upgrade. The upgrade is free for all existing customers as you probably know. In fact, all upgrades are free or in other words, you are buying lifetime upgrades with each purchase of their products.

Topaz ReMask is simplest to use a plugin to create layer masks. I have tested many available plugins for the same job and clearly Topaz ReMask 4 is simplest to use.

Amazing speed with high-quality results
. I am testing with 4GB total RAM on my computer and images 4000+px on the longer side. It is processing images and creating high-quality masks in the blink of an eye. Amazing, unbelievable!

Ability to automatically duplicate selected layer and to return the result as a layer mask
. One of the most important features is the result on layer mask instead of the deleted pixels. Here is how to turn this feature On.

Ability to save progress and continue working later
. When working with complex objects you can save progress and load it at any time you want to continue working with selection/mask.

Ability to refine results even using sliders. Many times you will find that desired refinements can be done by dragging sliders: Edge Hardness, Mask Strenght, Edge Shift, Recovery, and Desaturation. It is easy to learn and to figure out what each of these sliders is doing. In fact, you will see a pop-up explanation when hovering over the slider. Beside sliders there are and Brushes to refine results in the very intuitive way by brushing or by clicking once to sample colors which you want to keep or discard.
Topaz ReMask 4 sliders to refine results

Ability to compare views. The user can display side by side view or even quad view with the original image, mask, cut and tri-map (what is initially defined to compute, keep and cut). This feature is so cool and you can refine mask with instant preview of the changes. If you want to navigate and see some other portion of the image/mask, just press H on the keyboard and drag or use the navigator in the top left corner. All views will change synchronously.
Compare views in Topaz ReMask 4

What is new in Topaz ReMask 4

  1. First of all, there is user interface change.
  2. New names for brushes is the second change.
  3. A third change is one of the coolest and that's Edge Shift to shift mask edge or in other words to contract or expand mask edge.
  4. Fourth and very important improvement is a speed boost. ReMask 4 really rocks in speed and from my testing it does not requires a lot of RAM to perform complex operations.

System requirements and host applications

You can install ReMask 4 on both Win and Mac machines. Yes, it can be installed on XP if that's your question. As a host application, you can use Photoshop CS4 and later, Photoshop Elements 6-12, Lightroom 2-5 and CC and so on.


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