How To Download/Upload Adobe Muse Site and Assets Using FTP Client

How To Download/Upload Adobe Muse Site and Assets Using FTP Client

In this post, I will explain to you how to download or upload Adobe Muse site or assets using an FTP client. It is extremely easy and simple process. All you need is a free FTP client and a good explanation. In less than 10 minutes you will have your Muse site on your computer.

Why to use FTP client

First of all you can backup your site–for just in case or to start uploading assets like PDF, images, text or video files which can be embedded or provided for download from your site.

Download free FTP client

First step is to download and install some of many free FTP clients. I will use FileZilla in this tutorial but there are and many others like FireFTP.

Enter credentials

Start FileZilla and go to File > Site Manager. Click on New Site button and enter the name of your site.

On General tab enter following:

Host: your domain without http or www ( for example).
Port: 22
Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
Logon Type: Normal
User: domain_name/login (
Password: password that you are using to login with Muse.
Site Manager in FileZilla

Click Connect or OK to confirm and exit then click arrow on the right side of the first icon below File in menu and choose: your site name.
Connect to Remote server from FileZilla

Download Muse site

After the connection is done, you will see the remote site on the right side of your screen.
Files on Remote site displayed in FileZilla

Navigate the to folder on the left side (Local site) where you want to store site and select it. Last step is to right click on the root folder (/) and to choose Download. Wait a minute and you are done. All files will be downloaded.

How to upload to Muse site

It is also extremely easy. Select folder on the right side (Remote site) where you want to upload file(s) then find file(s) on your computer, right click and choose: Upload. After FileZilla finish uploading Refresh file and folder list then double-click on the folder to which you have uploaded file to see it.
Upload files to remote server from FileZilla

How to link/embed uploaded file

You can link, embed or make your files downloadable using Add or filter links in Muse or Object > Insert HTML. When linking or embedding file you do not need to type full address. To embed PDF file Cool_Photo_Edges_Actions_Help.pdf (which is in Assets folder) on my page, I can use Insert HTML option and to paste following code: <embed height="780" src="/assets/Cool_Photo_Edges_Actions_Help.pdf" width="600"></embed>. Before embedding files you should check browser compatibility and to preview pages in different browsers what is recommended and best available method.
PDF file embedded using HTML tag

How to delete uploaded file

If you want to delete uploaded files, first locate and select file on the right side of the screen (Remote site), right-click and choose: Delete.
Delete file from remote server


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