Adobe Muse: Add In-Browser Editing User

Edit content of Muse site

One of the cool things with Adobe Muse and Creative Cloud is that you can allow clients to edit the site. That was one of the questions I was asked recently and that is required, at least from my experience. Clients want to be able to edit content and want that to be easy as pie. And it is.

When I have mentioned that I can host site and that client can edit site content in browser as he is editing an online Word document, without any additional installation or special instructions, things have changed dramatically. Do not forget that you can host up to 5 sites with Creative Cloud subscription and do not forget to mention that.

How to Add In-Browser Editing User

There are couple of ways:
  • From File > Add Adobe Business Catalyst Site User.
  • After publishing site you will have link to Add In-Browser Editing User.
  • From Businesses Catalyst > Site Settings > Admin Users > Invite Admin User.
Add In-Browser Editing User after publishing Muse site

Invited user will receive email and link to set-up password.
Email sent to invited user

Edit Muse site

After setting the password and accessing Business Catalyst Admin Console, invited user (client) can start editing content by clicking on Edit in the top right corner. If the site contains alternate layouts for devices, user can toggle between layouts using the device drop-down menu. In case client forget his password he can recover it, but you can also Send password recovery email from the Site Settings > Admin Users > Edit > Send password recovery email.
Edit site from Business Catalyst Admin Console

Invited user can navigate through the site and edit images and text. When hovering over click-able items there will be Edit and Click options. Click is for navigation, to open some page and Edit for editing content.
Edit and Click options when hovering over item

When editing images user can use existing, uploaded images or to browse and upload image from his computer. And yes, widget content can be edited if that's your question.
Edit image

Publish/Discard Changes button is at the bottom left corner.

Review and merge changes

On the next launch of Muse site (.muse) you will get alert message and you can review and merge changes made using In-Browser editing. That's it, it can not be easier and more convenient.

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Muse CC 2014

Adobe Muse Help / In-browser Editing of websites using Third-party Hosting Service Providers


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