Filter Forge Filters to Create Photoshop's Seamless Tiling Patterns

Filter Forge Filters to Create Photoshop's Seamless Tiling Patterns

One of many things you can do with Filter Forge–the best Photoshop plugin is to create seamless tiling patterns. Base for the pattern can be anything: letter, word, shape or extracted (masked) flower, for example. Beside that you can extremely quickly create perfect seamless tiling patterns, there is and Randomizer in Filter Forge which can do sometimes amazing things which you may not expect. With Randomizer you can start with a circle shape and end up with a flower seamless tiling pattern. Best of all, Filter Forge's patterns which will be listed below supports transparency.

Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin

Transparency is the key

Ability to have transparent areas in seamless tiling pattern is very important because it is opening new possibilities to mix created patterns by applying them one on top of another. This can be done using Layer > New Fill Layer > Pattern or using the Layer Style dialog. When using Layer Style dialog, in order to use seamless tiling pattern with transparency, do the following: create a new blank layer and fill it with any color, set Fill Opacity to 0% then apply the Pattern Overlay effect.

Mix patterns

Since we can move and scale pattern on the fly, the sky is the limit in terms of mixing and creating brand new patterns. Add to scaling and moving around and Layer Effects like Color and Gradient Overlay, Bevel and Emboss, Drop Shadow… and you have a whole new World.
Move pattern fill layer in Photoshop

How to apply Bevel and Drop Shadow to Pattern Overlay

Now you are scrubbing your head, how to apply Bevel and Emboss or Drop Shadow to Pattern Overlay? Well, it is pretty easy: create new pattern fill layer (Layer > New Fill Layer > Pattern) then simply convert it to a Smart Object. When fill layer is converted to Smart Object you can apply any Layer Effect to it. Of course, this works nice when using seamless tiling patterns which has a transparent background. Do not forget that you can use and layer masks to customize appearance or final, mixed pattern.

Experiment with Smart Objects

What if you want to move Smart Object around and to experiment with different arrangement? Simply double click Smart Object thumbnail and expand Image > Canvas Size to, for example, 200%.
Note: you can also change the pattern when editing Smart Object content, or in other words, it is a live effect which can be changed at any time. Now you can click on Smart Object and move things around using the Move Tool with the pattern always present and visible.
Expand Canvas Size in Photoshop

You can also experiment with cloned Smart Objects (duplicated Smart Object) when updating one instance, that will change the content on cloned or twin Smart Object layer or use New Smart Object via Copy if you want to avoid this behavior.
2 Pattern Overlays applied one on top of another

Filter Forge filters (Snippets) to create seamless tiling patterns:

Seamless Tile Rotator by ThreeDee
Keep original size pixels (maximum) and repeats are fine on 3, plus play with Rotation slider for different arrangement. Check Seamless Tiling option.

Seamless Tile Concept by CFandM
Use presets, keep size at maximum and play with Repeat slider. Do not forget to check Seamless Tiling.

Flex Tiling uberEDITION v2.0 by uberzev
Simple filter to create seamless tiling pattern.

even easyer tile by voldemort
Another simple filter to create seamless tiling patterns from source image.

Tile snippet ffv2
Easy to use filter with offset, rotation and repeat sliders.

Other filters to create seamless tiling patterns:
SeamlessPhoto in Patterns category.

Patterns Unlimited by Mikita in Patterns category.

Reverser by finnianm in Patterns category.


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