Excellent and Free Image Processor Pro for Adobe Photoshop

Excellent and Free Image Processor Pro for Adobe Photoshop

In this post I want to point to excellent and free script by Russel Brown: Image Processor Pro. This script is an enhanced version of Image Processor, which ships with Photoshop and can be accessed from File > Scripts > Image Processor. Advantage of Processor Pro is that you can batch process and convert images in multiple common formats: PSD, JPEG, TIFF plus formats that are not available in Image Processor: PNG, GIF, PDF, EPS, Targa and Bitmap. There is also option to choose where to save files and to name sub-folders in which will be stored processed images. Another advantage of Processor Pro is an option to save optimized JPEG files for Web with the desired output format and quality. And yes, you can rename files, run action and resize images plus you have option to scale (layer) styles!

Image Processor Pro options

Now you have question: can I save, for example, JPEG's for print and for Web in same pass? Yes you can, even to rename them separately. There is also an option to save preset with current settings so you do not have to choose options and type over and over again when batch processing files.

Other questions you may have:

Can I process images with settings from Camera Raw and Lightroom? Yes, you can. Images will be processed with settings applied without any pop-up dialogs and everything will work just fine. Do not forget to Save Metadata to File in Lightroom (Ctrl/Cmd + S or Metadata > Save Metadata to File).

How to get Image Processor Pro

Currently you can download Image Processor Pro from Russel Brown Scripts page, Adobe Add-ons but also and from the Adobe Exchange panel, which is integrated in Photoshop CC (Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange). For Photoshop CS6 download Exchange panel from here. I tested just before writing this post and everything works just fine. Note that you must restart Photoshop after installing Dr. Brown Services.

How to run Image Processor Pro

In Photoshop you can run script from File > Automate > Image Processor Pro. If you are in Adobe Bridge, then select images and go to Tools > Dr. Brown Services > Image Processor Pro.


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