Playback Options for Adobe Photoshop Actions

Actions Playback Options in Photoshop

There is one useful feature for actions in Photoshop which can be useful to check actions, to learn, or to enjoy what can be done with actions. I am talking about Playback Options. Dialog Playback Options can be accessed from the Actions panel menu > Playback Options. Here is description of 3 available Performance options:

  • Accelerated (default) where Photoshop is playing action steps with amazing speed.
  • Step by Step which is playing action step by step what is usually good enough for experienced users.
  • Pause For: seconds where you can type the number of seconds to pause in between steps. Usually 1 or 2 seconds will be enough, but you can specify up to 60 seconds.
Playback Options dialog

What is useful with Playback Options

As already mentioned you can check action, learn how deed is done if you cannot or you do not want to read action steps, and finally to enjoy this option. I have, for example, action which is cycling common blending modes for the selected layer (also to cycle blending modes for 2 layers one above another). With Playback Options set to: Pause For 1 or 2 seconds, basically I am watching a slide–show while Photoshop is cycling blending modes for me. When I see what I like it is matter to stop playing action or to take a look at Layers panel and to remember blending mode.
Action which is cycling blending modes

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC

Photoshop Help / Creating actions


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