Old Photo Effect Photoshop Actions

Old Photo Effect Photoshop Actions

In this post I will introduce you to my new set of Photoshop actions: Old Photo Effect. Each of seven(7) actions is non-destructive what means you can change any filter or adjustment used to produce the final effect. In the post below you can watch the video instructions and to see what actions are producing in the preview section. If you decide to purchase actions, price is $4 and actions are available on Graphic River.

What you need to know about Old Photo Actions

As already mentioned, actions are non-destructive and you can change every filter and adjustment. There are 3 kinds of actions:
Old Photo Effect actions in the Actions panel

Action on top will prompt you to navigate to the photo on your hard drive and open it. After you select desired photo, action will generate all seven(7) different effects and save them as screenshots. To preview effects one by one, open Window > History panel and start clicking on Old Photo 1, 2, 3…

In the middle of the set you have actions for each individual effect. These actions will duplicate open photo and generate an effect in separate window/tab. This is very useful if you want to generate two(2) or more effects and compare them side by side using Window > Arrange command.

A third group of actions with layered in the name is for use with layered files when you want to generate effect, but also to continue working with a file, perhaps to add some frame, border, scratches and so on.

Here is a video tutorial with basically all the information you need to successfully use actions.

Preview of Old Photo Effects

Here are previews with effects generated using Old Photo Actions. If you have willing, time and skills you can further adjust and enhance the final result. In most cases you will get good or excellent results. The only way to not get good results is to use very dark or underexposed photos.
Old Photo Effect 1

Old Photo Effect 2

Old Photo Effect 3

Old Photo Effect 4

Old Photo Effect 5

Old Photo Effect 6

Old Photo Effect 7


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