Live Corners Options in Adobe Illustrator CC

Live Corners Options in Adobe Illustrator CC

Live Corners are one of the biggest improvements in Illustrator CC. Once I start using them, I start wondering how that happens that we didn't have this option in the past? It is strange but true. Live Corners are more than just useful, this option makes things a lot easier and draws me to run Illustrator more often than ever before.

In this quick tip I want to point to Live Corners options dialog which you can access from Control panel (1)—long path for lazy guys like me, but also and on double click on the widget (2). Just quick reminder that you must have Direct Selection Tool active in order to see Live Corners options and the widget.
Live Corners options in Adobe Illustrator CC

For more details about Live Corners feature in Illustrator CC I will suggest you video tutorial on Creative Cloud learning center: How to work with Live Corners in Illustrator. It will take only a few minutes of your time to learn everything about this new and powerful feature.


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