Glow Layer Styles for Photoshop and Elements Available on Adobe Exchange

Glow Layer Styles for Photoshop and Elements Available on Adobe Exchange

I have something for those who like to have nice layer styles which actually works with any pixel or vector based layer. Styles for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements which works with just any typeface, size and shape. Furthermore, there is ground for heavy customization which is easy as adding Bevel and Emboss, Pattern Overlay, Drop Shadow… effect. Useful info is that there are 6 different styles with 8 different variations for each of them (see preview at the end of help files). You can get styles for $5 through Adobe Exchange panel in Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC. If you do not have Adobe Exchange panel installed for Photoshop CS6, download it from here.
48 different layer styles

What you need to know about Glow Layer styles + free test files

Everything you need to know is included in a short PDF help file which ships with the product and free test files, but let me give you quick instructions before you download free samples (Adobe Creative Cloud, no sign-in required).

There are 2 folders and 2 sets with styles. One folder is for Photoshop users and second for Photoshop Elements users. There is no difference in styles beside separator which is included in Photoshop version and omitted in version for Photoshop Elements. Also, there are and 2 sets: for Web and Print. As you already know, styles are resolution dependent, so I saved separate sets suitable for use in document with Web (72 res) and Print (300 res) intent. If your document has some other resolution than 72 or 300 then load styles with closer value. For example: when working with document which have 96 resolution, better starting point is to load Glow Styles Web.asl file.

Depend on font or shape size, sometimes you will need to scale effect. Scaling is easy, just right/Cmd + click on Effects below the layer and choose Scale Effects.
Scale Effects in Photohop

Other times you will need to hide Color Overlay which is covering pixels on a layer. Click on the eyeball on the left side of Color Overlay below the layer and you are done.
Hide Color Overlay layer effect


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