Adobe Camera Raw 8.4 Preview Tip

Adobe Camera Raw 8.4 Preview Tip

Adobe Camera Raw 8.4 is recently released with some great new features. I will recommend you free PDF guide which is update to the book Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers by Martin Evening to learn about new great features. I know that many of you will have question: how to compare current image state with the image without any adjustments if there isn't snapshot saved? It is possible, off course, and that's the reason why I am writing this post.

How to Preview and Compare Image Without Adjustments With Current State in Camera Raw 8.4

Let's say you have open, previously adjusted image in Camera Raw 8.4 and you see Preview options at the bottom right corner. Excellent, but you do not have saved snapshot without adjustments and you want to compare and see your progress because now you can. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1 Open image in Camera Raw and click on the preview mode button (first button from the left) at the bottom right corner just below the image area. Keyboard shortcut is letter Q.
Click preview mode button in Camera Raw window

Step 2 Now that you have, basically after/after preview, from the Camera Raw Settings menu choose Camera Raw Defaults.
Choose Camera Raw Defaults from the Camera Raw Settings menu

Step 3 Default image settings without any adjustment will be applied to the After preview. Click on Copy Settings to Before button (third button from the left).
Click Copy Settings to Before button

Step 4 Click again on Camera Raw Settings menu and choose Image Settings. That's it, you can compare image without any adjustment applied with current state or snapshot if you have any saved.
From Camera Raw Settings menu choose Image Settings

You can also use Swap Before/After Settings (second button) in step 3 to avoid step number 4. Keyboard shortcut to swap settings is letter P.


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