Simple Beautiful Borders - Free Photoshop Actions

Simple Beautiful Borders - Free Photoshop Actions

Today I have to share Photoshop actions to create simple but very beautiful borders around images. There are a total of six(6) collections with 30 different borders. You can generate all borders from once and choose one or more you like or to generate borders from individual collections. Created effect is always layered and you can customize it.

Download Simple Beautiful Borders Actions.

License is free for personal and commercial use as and everything else listed in freebies section and on my site Photoshop Plus > Free.

What you need to know about Simple Beautiful Borders actions

Actions will flatten the image and will not duplicate it, that's first info for you. I recommend you to to run actions with collections of borders (Generate Sprayed, Generate Weave…) when working with images 2000px and above on the long side. From my test it can take up to 3 minutes to generate all 30 borders included in package and available in Generate All Simple Beautiful Borders action. I tested with image 2816x2112px.

When running one after another action, first visit History panel and select snapshot which name starts with Original then run next action.

How to load and run actions

After downloading and extracting files you will see "Simple Beautiful Borders" folder which contains a PDF user guide and actions. To start using actions you must load them in Photoshop. Easiest way to load actions is to run Photoshop and go to File > Open > navigate to Simple Beautiful Borders All.atn file and double click on it.

After loading actions open Window > Actions panel. Ensure that you have image open in Photoshop. Click on Generate All Simple Beautiful Borders action to select it, then click Play selection button at the bottom of the Actions panel. For large files (2000px wide and above) I will recommend you to play actions with individual collections like: Generate Sprayed, Generate Weave... It is the same process: click on action Generate Sprayed, for example, to select it then click Play selection button.
play simple beautiful borders action

When action stop playing open Window > History panel, scroll to the top of panel and start clicking on snapshot names to preview image with all borders generated. When you find border you like you can save or export file on your drive. Note: you can export and multiple times with different borders if you want.
click on snapshot name from history panel.jpg

PDF Catalog with preview of all borders

For your convenience I created PDF catalog with preview of all borders included in package.

Post updated . Actions are updated to work with localized versions of Photoshop plus added instructions how to load and play actions.


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