Free Photoshop Actions: Facebook Grid Covers

Free Photoshop Actions: Facebook Grid Covers
Today I have to share Photoshop actions to quick create Facebook grid based cover images. There are a total of 9 actions to create layouts with 3–13 images, but also and to quick place required images. Everything is automated including replacement of already placed images in case you change your mind. After downloading package take a look at PDF file provided for preview of all layouts. The license is free for personal and commercial use as for everything else posted in the freebies section on this blog.

Download Facebook Grid Cover Actions (Adobe Add-ons).

How to load Facebook Grid Covers actions

Easiest way to load actions in Photoshop is to double click Facebook Grid Covers.atn file. Note: you must display the Actions panel from Window > Actions in order to start playing actions.

How to play Facebook Grid Covers actions

Click on action name(1) in Actions panel then click on Play selection(2) button.
Play Facebook Grid Cover Photoshop action

After creating chosen layout, Photoshop will start opening Replace File dialogs to chose images for your Facebook cover. Navigate to image on your hard drive and double click on it or select file and click Place button. Created layout is marked with numbers so you can see in advance where is going to be placed image.

The last task in the process of placing each individual image is to adjust size and position. You can use Set horizontal scale option in Options bar or handles around image to scale and reposition it. In case you do not see the handles on your screen, press Ctrl/Cmd + 0 (zero) on your keyboard. When you are satisfied with the position and size click on Commit checkmark in Options bar or press Enter/Return on your keyboard.

Preview of layouts included in Facebook Grid Covers Photoshop Actions

Here is a PDF file which is included in package so you can preview layouts before playing actions. By the way, the PDF preview file is created using File > Automate > PDF Presentation feature in Photoshop. Read more about how to create multipage PDF file or presentation from Photoshop.


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