Excellent and Free Adobe Paper Texture Panel

Excellent and Free Adobe Paper Texture Panel

In this post I want to recommend you excellent and free Adobe Paper Texture panel for several reasons. The first reason is quality of textures, second is price—free and third reason are options available from the panel: Reset and Load Texture Folder. Option Load Texture Folder allows you to navigate to any folder on your hard drive which contains textures. Panel or extension will load all textures from the folder and build previews so you have a visual representation. It is extremely easy to place or to remove textures from the document.  To place texture in the document just click on the texture thumbnail. To remove all placed textures use Reset button from the panel menu. On top of all you can choose blending option from the top of the panel. Let me give you all details, step by step.

How to get textures and Adobe Paper Texture panel

Fly taster pack with textures is available from the Adobe Exchange panel for several applications: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro…. This pack is preview or try with reduced file size. Adobe Paper Textures and Adobe Paper Textures Pro are available only from Photoshop. Adobe Paper Textures Pro pack is Adobe Creative Cloud exclusive. The panel will be automatically installed along with textures which you can find later in Plug-ins > Panels folder.

The Adobe Paper Textures panel is available only for Adobe Photoshop CC. Follow this link to download and install panel. Please note: This panel is only available to paid members of the Adobe Creative Cloud.
Download Adobe Paper Textures Pro

Reset option

Once you install panel you can start using it from Window > Extensions > Adobe Paper Texture or Adobe Paper Texture Pro. To apply a texture, actually to place it in the document simply click its thumbnail. You can choose a blending mode before placing texture from the top of the panel. Usually I am blending more than one texture and that's where Reset option start shinning when I mess things up or when I want to try something else. It is available from panel menu and what it does is to remove all placed textures from once. Note: panel or extension will remember layers and won't mess up layered document.
Reset or remove placed textures using panel menu

Load Texture Folder

This is the second option which rocks. It allows you to load your own textures and for convenience it will build up thumbnail previews for all loaded textures. To load your own textures click on Adobe Paper Texture panel menu and choose Load Texture Folder, then navigate to a folder on your drive which contains textures.
Load your own textures using Adobe Paper Texture panel

Reload installed textures from Adobe Exchange

In case you have loaded your own textures but you want to re-load downloaded from Adobe Exchange, click on panel menu and select Load Texture Folder, then navigate to Photoshop > Plug-ins > Panels > Adobe Paper Texture or Adobe Paper Texture Pro.


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