Create Cool Text Effects Using Free Photoshop CC Extension: InteractiveMaterialEffects

Create Cool Text Effects Using Free Photoshop Extension InteractiveMaterialEffects

In this post i want to inform you about new and free Photoshop extension: InteractiveMaterialEffects which you can download and use for free from the Adobe Exchange panel. If you are not aware, Adobe Exchange panel is built in Photoshop CC and you can access it from Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange. Type interactive in the search box if you do not see thumbnail at the bottom and the download link will appear. Click on Free button and wait couple of seconds for installation process, then restart Photoshop CC.
Download Free Photoshop Extension InteractiveMaterialEffects

Before we proceed just to mention that this is a pilot extension ( panel, plugin, call it as you want, generally it falls into extensions), done by one of Adobe engineers and its on us, users to decide will he continue developing this wonderful text effect creator. What he expects is to, in first place download and try InteractiveMaterialEffects and later, if you like it, to share with your friends, but also and to provide feedback through comments, ratings and so on. Finally, it works nice and if you have any problem just close and reopen the panel.

What you need to know about InteractiveMaterialEffects

It is extremely easy to use this extension. Select text layer (1), then choose Basic Material and Preset followed by Action / Effects and its Preset (2). There are three choices in each of four drop-down lists. Click Start button (3) and wait a couple of seconds.
Steps to Use Free Photoshop Extension InteractiveMaterialEffects

Note: you can not run extension on multiple text layers in the same document, but that's ok since there is a Revert button which will delete effect previously created. There is and Process Control Bar slider which can be used after extension creates the final effect to change its appearance. Feel free to change font, font style and size before running extension or after using the Revert button. The effect is raster based but it will keep your text live and editable on original layer which will be temporarily hidden.
Revert Button in Free Photoshop Extension InteractiveMaterialEffects

All effects are fabulous and layered so you can use them as they are or as a starting point. In the example below I hide (green rectangle) two layers included in the final effect (red rectangle). For the final effect on the first screenshot below I also added a couple of layer effects to remaining layer created by extension.

Best practice to use InteractiveMaterialEffects

For now, the safest way to use it is new a blank document and add a text layer or vector layer, then use the plugin function. After find your desired effects copy it or import as smart object to your own files.

To copy, actually to duplicate layers with effect first group them, then right/Cmd + click on the group and choose: Duplicate Group (1). In the Duplicate Group dialog which will appear, choose from Document drop-down list name of the document (2) to which you want to copy the group with the effect.
Duplicate group with the text effect to another document

You can use the same technique with Smart Object layer: select all layers included in effect, then right/Cmd + click and choose Convert to Smart Object. Move created Smart Object layer as described above.


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