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How to Create Simple but Beautiful Borders in Photoshop (3)

For a third time in a row we are going to create simple but beautiful in appearance borders around images. This time border, which we are about to create is inspired by some good, old frames I have seen recently. It is very easy to create this kind of borders and best of all, everything is in vector format, reusable and resolution independent.

Step 1 Create a new document
First,create a new blank document from File > New. Type 1000px for Width and Height if you want to follow along. I will go with 72 resolution, RGB Color, 8 bit and Profile sRGB IEC1966-2.1.

Step 2 Set guides
If you do not have Rulers displayed, press Ctrl/Cmd + R. Right click on the ruler and choose Percent to set percentages as measurement units. Drag horizontal and vertical guide to 50% of the document.

Step 3 Draw first shape
Grab Rectangle Tool from the toolbox and click once in the center of the document (guides intersection point). Type 1000px for the Width and Height and check From Center then confirm on OK.


Create Cool Text Effects Using Free Photoshop CC Extension: InteractiveMaterialEffects

In this post i want to inform you about new and free Photoshop extension: InteractiveMaterialEffects which you can download and use for free from the Adobe Exchange panel. If you are not aware, Adobe Exchange panel is built in Photoshop CC and you can access it from Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange. Type interactive in the search box if you do not see thumbnail at the bottom and the download link will appear. Click on Free button and wait couple of seconds for installation process, then restart Photoshop CC.

Before we proceed just to mention that this is a pilot extension ( panel, plugin, call it as you want, generally it falls into extensions), done by one of Adobe engineers and its on us, users to decide will he continue developing this wonderful text effect creator. What he expects is to, in first place download and try InteractiveMaterialEffects and later, if you like it, to share with your friends, but also and to provide feedback through comments, ratings and so on. F…

Free PSD Templates With Very Cool Frames

Today I have to share five(5) PSD templates with some very cool frames for 1–4 images. Templates are created with Auto FX PGE Gen 1 and that's my recommendation if you are looking for best available Photoshop and Photoshop Elements plugin when photo edges and frames are concerned. Use templates in personal and commercial projects free of charge as and everything else listed in freebies section.

As already mentioned there are a total of 5 PSD templates in this package. Three(3) templates are in a horizontal orientation and all templates are 6x4in with 300 resolution.

Download Cool PSD Frames (Adobe Creative Cloud—no sign in required).

You can download templates from Adobe Exchange panel (Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange) in Photoshop CS6/CC and to start using them instantly. If you do not have Adobe Exchange panel installed in Photoshop CS6, download it from here.

How to use PSD templates Open any of five(5) templates in Photoshop, then double click Smart Object Layer(s) …

Linked Smart Objects in Photoshop Means Smaller File Size

There are many advantages of linked smart objects in Photoshop and I have discussed that in Linked Smart Objects in Photoshop CC 14.2. One more big advantage is and file size. In particular, files with linked smart objects have a much smaller file size. It is logical but not that easy to discover this advantage since Photoshop will show you in the Status Bar that file with linked smart objects has bigger file size for layered document?

I am not sure why is that, but just do not pay attention to Status Bar and what is shown to you as file size for layered document because when saved, exact same documents, it is obvious that file with linked smart object layers has much smaller file size.

Review: Akvis Draw–Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Plugin

Akvis Draw is a new and excellent plugin for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements to convert digital images to realistic hand drawn black and white or colored sketches. That's the base and maybe everything that you will ever need. Draw is doing an excellent job with no doubts. For me, that's starting point where the fun begins.

First of all, let me tell you the background of this review before we proceed. Akvis Draw was published yesterday, March 20, 2014. I saw the potential of this program in the first run. Some things you can recognize immediately. What you can see and read in this review is a result of playing around for about 2 hours. We can imagine what else is possible to do with Akvis Draw and you can expect later and some tips from me to be published on this blog.

Here is a link to download Akvis Draw full functional trial.

How to get started with Akvis Draw Akvis Draw is extremely simple to use program. To run it from Photoshop or Photoshop Elements go to Filter > Akv…

Free Photoshop Actions: Facebook Grid Covers

Today I have to share Photoshop actions to quick create Facebook grid based cover images. There are a total of 9 actions to create layouts with 3–13 images, but also and to quick place required images. Everything is automated including replacement of already placed images in case you change your mind. After downloading package take a look at PDF file provided for preview of all layouts. The license is free for personal and commercial use as for everything else posted in the freebies section on this blog.

Download Facebook Grid Cover Actions (Adobe Add-ons).

How to load Facebook Grid Covers actions Easiest way to load actions in Photoshop is to double click Facebook Grid Covers.atn file. Note: you must display the Actions panel from Window > Actions in order to start playing actions.

How to play Facebook Grid Covers actionsClick on action name(1) in Actions panel then click on Play selection(2) button.

After creating chosen layout, Photoshop will start opening Replace File dialogs t…

How to Save Actions as Text File From Photoshop

One of things you can do with Photoshop actions is to print or save them as a text file (.txt extension). Now you say: thank you very much, why to save actions as a text file? Well, there are a couple of reasons why I am writing this post to point to this feature.

Reasons to save actions as text file Imagine your girlfriend is calling you to explain to her how to retouch skin using Frequency Separation technique. You have recorded action for this technique with stops in between steps as reminders. Then you say: just a minute to print actions! Print actions? Your girlfriend will ask. Yes, just a second. Then you save actions and start reading basically a tutorial from text file. Your girlfriend will be amazed. Ha! Is that the whole point? Of course not, but this is one of many uses. You can do the same thing even if you are married and it is more convenient then to expand each of the steps in the Actions panel.

I will waste one more minute of your time to explain something to beginner…

How to Create Simple but Beautiful Borders in Photoshop (2)

In this post I will continue with tutorials: how to create simple but beautiful borders in Photoshop. We will use Lasso Tool, Fill command and Blur filter this time.

To not forget to credit IM Free for the image used in this tutorial.

Step 1 Create blank new layer above layer with image

I will work with a document which has only one: Background layer. The first task is to create a blank new layer and give it a name: border (what else?).

Step 2 Create selection using Lasso Tool

There are many different ways to create a selection in Photoshop, and many variations for this effect but simple is the keyword here. Grab Lasso Tool from the toolbox and create selection which has sense for you: surround a subject for example, or just drag and create a selection without to worry much about it because once you understand how this method work you can create better final results.

Step 3 Invert selection

Next step is to invert selection because we want to fill from edges of photo to inside. Go to Sel…

Free Cork Board, Concrete, Chevron and Cookies Patterns Available on Adobe Exchange

This is huge one, actually biggest freebie pack on DesignEasy. In fact, this is giveaway for everyone since all these files have been premium files till recently. To download any of below listed patterns visit the new Adobe Add-ons site. start Photoshop CC and go to Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange. Click on Free tab and select Newest from Sort drop-down list or type names (titles below) in search box.

I do not know where to start. Let's try with concrete.

Concrete Seamless Tiling Patterns This package contains 12 different Concrete seamless tiling patterns in following sizes: 128x128px, 256x256px, 512x512px and 1024x1024px.

Chevron Seamless Tiling Patterns 34 different Chevron seamless tiling patterns in the following sizes: 128x128px, 256x256px, and 512x512px.

Chevron Fabric Seamless Tiling Patterns from Bojan Živković

Cookies Seamless Tiling Patterns Six(6) different Cookies seamless tiling patterns in the following sizes: 128x128px, 256x256px, 512x512px and 1024x1024…