Strip Collages From Single Image Photoshop Actions

Strip Collage From Single Image Photoshop Actions

I just like photo collages. Who doesn't? Today I will introduce you my best set of Photoshop actions which creates collages from a single image. It is easy to understand what actions are doing from the name of the set: Strip Collage From Single Image. It is also extremely easy to use them. On top of all collages looks terrific! For busy guys here is a link to download test action. The requirement is only one (1) Background layer in a document and to use test action with landscape image. If you want some more details, just continue reading…

What is included in Strip Collage From Single Image Photoshop Actions

There are a total of 22 actions in this set to automate everything that you can possibly want to do while creating collages. Here is description:

13 actions to create collages with 9–63 pieces
There are separate actions for horizontally and vertically oriented images what is easy to understand from the name of action: 63 Pieces ver is obviously action which creates strip collage with 63 pieces and should be used with portrait or vertically oriented images.
Styles group
This group contains 5 actions to work with layer style applied at the end of action to all collage pieces. You can scale style, remove it or to apply any of additional 3 styles.
Layers group
This group contains 4 actions to work with layers created by action (collage pieces). You can group layers, delete them in case you want to run another action in the same open document, to create a new document from the Background layer if you want to compare several different colleges, and finally there is an action to convert all collage pieces to Smart Object.

More details with screenshots in Help files which are included in test and premium package.

How things work

I will assume that your image is in RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, Lab Color or even Duotone mode. Please do not run actions in Bitmap, Multichannel or Indexed Color mode. To check color mode, go to Image, Mode > take a look where is check-mark. Ensure that you have only one (1) Background layer in the document and run any action with over in the name (example: 23 Pieces ver) for portrait or vertically oriented images. Forlandscape or horizontally oriented images run any of actions with hor in the name (example: 56 Pieces hor).
Actions panel with strip collage from single image actions loaded

At the end of each action you have chance to modify a Layer Style which will be applied to all collage pieces. You can also skip modification and later scale, modify or to apply different style using actions from Styles Group.

Lastly, you have Layers Group to work with layers created by actions. Use actions from this group without any extra layer created because action will merge/group all layers in the document.

Download test files and buy actions

Here is one more time link to download test files or to buy entire package from Graphic River for only $4.

Preview of all collages

Here is presentation with user guide and preview of all collages starting with slide 8.


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