Filter Forge Filters to Create Picture Collages

Random Collage Filter Forge filter to create picture collage from single image

Are you surprised? Filter in the name of software, filter in the title of the post and on top of all picture collages! Its only one more group of filters which allows you to create collages from a single image, by blending multiple images or by arranging multiple images inside amazing Filter Forge.

Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin

My favorite filters to create picture collages in Filter Forge

Here is a list with some of my favorite filters, you can discover and download more by clicking on Filter Library: Download more filters in the top right corner of Filter Forge window.
  • Hockney Style Collage is definitely my top pick. This filter creates collage from the single input image.
  • Random Collage by Chazzy creates collage from the single input image.
  • Collage by Sphinx is creating collages by blending multiple input images of your choice.
  • Photoblending bands Collage by SpaceRay is creating a collage by blending multiple images of your choice.
  • 10 Images or Color Stripes Mix V2 is creating collages from 10 input images of your choice.
  • GF Frame 4 in 1 for images or Photos is creating collages from 2 input images of your choice.
  • Photo Collage by JMichael is creating photo collages from single input image.
  • Collage frame is creating photo collages by mixing 6 images of your choice.
  • GM Photo Windows – v0.2 is creating collages from single or multiple input images.
  • Stick It Notes will convert your image to sketch and place it on a sticky note like crumpled paper. It is not collage creator, but I like this filter and this is chance to mention it.
  • Snapshot Collage (Effect) by b15fliptop creates a collage made up of '70s style snapshots.
  • Stacked Snapshots makes a little stack of instant pictures, with a bit of shine. 
Hockney Style Collage Filter Forge filter to create collage from single image
Effect created using Filter Forge filter: Hockney Style Collage.


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