Review: Alien Skin Eye Candy - Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Plugin

Review: Alien Skin Eye Candy - Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Plugin

Alien Skin rocks! Their product Eye Candy rocks 3 times: in available effects and features, processing speed and simplicity of use. It is really pleasant to work with this Photoshop and Photoshop Elements plugin which allows designers to start with blank document and to end up with final product like banner, businnes card, book, catalog or slideshow cover or even web site mockup without to use any additional resource!. Best of all designer have big freedom and flexibility because Eye Candy supports Smart Objects and acts as any other Photoshop filter or Layer effect! Amazing, isn't it? We all know benefits of Smart Object layers to change settings, to combine filters, to add, delete or hide filter/effect, to apply blending modes or to play with Opacity at any time even after saving and reopening document. Interested? Let me introduce you briefly few key benefits and my favorite features of Alien Skin Eye Candy.

Key Benefits

  • Huge library of shapes, effects and textures with lot of excellent presets.
  • Simplicity of use with easy to understand and manipulate available controls for effects and textures plus Random Seed button.
  • Separate Lighting controls.
  • Ability to use source image for effects like Glass or Ripples.
  • Ability to generate seamless tiling patterns.
  • Ability to apply effect only on selection or selected pixels in Photoshop.
  • Ability to save custom presets.
  • Before/After preview.
  • Eye Candy works with Smart Objects and acts just like any other Photoshop filter or Layer effect.
  • Option in Preferences to automatically create duplicate of current layer and protect original data.
  • Eye Candy is aware of Photoshop actions and can be automated to apply same settings on multiple files.

Photoshop add-ons created by Bojan Živković owner of DesignEasy blog

My favorite features of Eye Candy

My general recommendation for all plugins and software's I am reviewing is: try it! I strongly recommend you to download free trial and try this excellent plugin which will save you tons of time and helps you to create amazing professional looking designs. Anyway I will give you some tips and list some of my favorite features to help you get started and explore, in my opinion, core benefits.

Tons of shapes
Do not miss Texture > Star section which contains various shapes with lot of ready made presets and options to change shape or preset. Very convenient feature which saves tons of time to draw shapes or to search on internet to find exactly what you need. You can run Eye Candy with blank new layer or even to convert it to Smart Object.
Shapes in Alien Skin Eye Candy

Ability to use source images for effect
Use source image to create effect with Ripples > Frosted Glass for example. I created Facebook cover page for DesignEasy in a seconds with starting point shape from logo. After opening layer with shape I just clicked on Frosted Glass preset and boom! I have new and nice cover image!
Use source image for effect in Alien Skin Eye Candy

Extrude effect
This is something you want to try immediately after installing Eye Candy. Extrude effect rocks with ability to change and manipulate effect visually on screen without to use any slider. Processing speed is amazing!
Extrude effect in Alien Skin Eye Candy

Chrome effect
Another effect that really, really rocks. There isn't common limitation in size, you can apply Chrome effect to just any shape including type in just any size and effects looks really great.
Chrome effect in Alien Skin Eye Candy

Apply effect only to selection created in Photoshop
Another very cool feature to apply effect only on selection created in Photoshop. You can use any technic available in Photoshop to create selection and to apply effect to only selected portion in Eye Candy.
Apply effect only to selection in Eye Candy

Create and save seamless tiling patterns
This is another excellent feature which will be mostly appreciated from web design community. Beside Seamless Tiling Examples presets there is and option on the right side of screen just above Random Seed button.
Create seamless tiling patterns in Alien Skin Eye Candy

Mix Eye Candy features and effects
This is one of key benefits you will use all the time. It is really convenient to have ability to start with practically nothing or blank file with or without clear idea and to end up with final, complex, professional looking design. You can start with Textures or Star then to proceed by mixing and applying other effects and features.
Mix Eye Candy features and effects

Lighting tab
Lighting tab is another excellent and one of most important features. Do not miss to match lighting source when mixing Eye Candy effects or when mixing with some of Photoshop features.
Lighting tab in Alien Skin Eye Candy

Smart Object layers
This is one of most important key benefits which I left for final tip. Never, ever miss to work on Smart Object layers with all flexibility they have to offer. You do not need to make things perfect immediately since everything can be changed at any time even after 10 years as long as you save file in PSD format and have Eye Candy installed. Experiment, experiment, experiment. Thats the only way to create something new, amazing and unique. Flexibility with Smart Object layers when experimenting comes almost crucial.
Never miss chance to work on Smart Object layers when using Eye Candy

Requirements and compatibility
Operating System requirements are Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.7 or newer. For host application Eye Candy needs Photoshop CS5 or Photoshop Elements 10 and newer.

Price and discount code
Finally, price for this excellent plugin is fair and exactly $129. You can lower for 15% using coupon code: BOJ1213

Download trial
To ensure in power and quality of Eye Candy download free 15 Days trial from Alien Skin site. Do not forget to use links on the left side which will open pages with examples, video tutorials and blog posts to help you to get started and get most in your design tasks.


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