Review: Akvis Oil Paint - Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Plugin

Review: Akvis Oil Paint - Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Plugin

Recently, Akvis published a new and excellent product: Oil Paint. It is amazing piece of software which converts digital photos into oil paintings. Conversion is so realistic but there are and other required qualities: fast rendering, simple to use and I must mention that in introduction: non-destructive Crop tool in standalone version. Yeah, cropped portion of image is actually hidden just like in Camera Raw and Lightroom.

Key Benefits

In this section I will list only, in my opinion, key benefits of Akvis Oil Paint with some further explanation below.
  • Extremely simple to use.
  • Realistic conversion.
  • Plenty of excellent presets.
  • Small proxy preview window which shows you up selected preset applied to only one part of image. This is great and excellent contribution to overall speed.
  • Fast rendering.
  • Sharing options to share your work on several popular sharing sites without to save file on hard drive or to leave Oil Paint window.
  • Ability to record Photoshop actions and batch process images.
  • Non-destructive Crop tool in standalone version.

Conversions to oil paintings are amazing and realistic. No need to spend more time here, download free trial and see Oil Paint in action on your images.
Fabulous and realistic conversions to oil paintings

Simplicity is what we like. Oil Paint is extremely simple to use. There are only few sliders and nothing to go wrong. If you do not understand from slider name what that option is doing, just drag slider and watch proxy preview window. Once you are satisfied go and save preset for later use or click Run button. That's it, you have your realistic oil painting.
Akvis Oil Paint is simple to use software

Presets are really fabulous and always starting point for me. Each of presets has its own preview to get idea about final result before even selecting it.
Excellent one click presets in Akvis Oil Paint

Small proxy preview window is something that speeds up process but also differs Oil Paint and Akvis products in general from most of other plugin developing companies. Proxy window gives to user instant preview with chosen preset but also and with any further adjustments. Best of all user can move proxy window to any portion of image.
Small proxy preview window in Akvis Oil Paint

Rendering process is one of most exiting parts. It is amazing how fast Oil Paint is rendering effect with that quality.
Akvis Oil Paint is very fast to render effect

Sharing is sexy and most of time we want to share our work on internet. With Oil Paint as plugin or standalone you can share your work without to save file on hard drive. Best of all you can share multiple times without to leave or close plugin window. Available sharing options are: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Google+.
Sharing options in Akvis Oil Paint

Here we go: automation. Who do not like it? Oil Paint can be automated using Photoshop actions. Best of all you do not need to save settings as preset, Photoshop is recording each individual slider and that settings will be applied when you run action. It is also extremely easy to record action: just create new action in Photoshop, go to Filter > Akvis > Oil Paint and process image as you are usually doing. After returning to Photoshop window click Stop playing/recording button and you are done.
Akvis Oil Paint can be automated using Photoshop actions

Crop tool is great addition in standalone version of Oil Paint. Every little and a while you will see some silly things at the edges of your photo. It is easy to discard them or to recompose photo without any additional external application. On top of all Crop tool is non-destructive what means cropped pixels will be there but hidden from you and if you decide to save file that portion will be removed. In case you are not satisfied  just click Crop tool icon and it will show you entire image as it is imported in Oil Paint.
Crop tool in Akvis Oil Paint standalone version

System requirements and Compatibility

Akvis Oil Paint can be installed on Windows XP+ (32/64 bit) and Mac OS X 10.4-10.8 (32/64 bit) computers. As a plugin you can run Oil Paint with wide variety of host applications: Adobe Photoshop (ver 6+ including Photoshop CC), Adobe Photoshop Elements (all versions), Corel PaintShop Pro, Corel Painter, GIMP, Xara Extreme...

Interface & Help languages:

English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese.

Volume licensing and pricing

There are several volumes of licensing which you can choose during trial period and when purchasing products: Home - PlugIn ($ 49 - € 39), Home - Standalone ($ 49 - € 39), Home Deluxe - PlugIn+Standalone ($ 69 - € 53), Business - PlugIn+Standalone ($ 89 - € 68).

Download trial version

Finally you want to try Oil Paint, don't you? Here is link to download trial version. You can test during trial period product with different volumes of licensing and decide which one best suites your needs.


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