Photoshop Related Boards and Tutorials on Pinterest

Photoshop Related Boards and Tutorials on Pinterest

Pinterest is one excellent resource to find inspiration but also and tutorials (video and written), books, courses, plugins and so on. In this post I want to recommend you few Photoshop related boards to follow and to give you tip how to quick find what are you looking for. Advantage of Pinterest is visual preview with title/description and unlimited scrolling which works nice and fast. So, everything that Pinterest has to offer on your search term will be listed in one page, load time is fantastic and when something draws your attention just click on image to open pop-up with larger view and link (Website) to open web page with tutorial, book, freebies, plugin, actions...

Photoshop related Pinterest Boards to follow

I will recommend you only few boards which are under my likeness and guaranty that you will find highest quality Photoshop related content. Later in this post see instruction how to research on your own.

Photoshop Tips > Photoshop
This is one of the best boards with almost 800 pins and lot of followers.
Photoshop tips Photoshop board on Pinterest

Digital Photography School > Photoshop
They really pay attention on their Photoshop board and currently there are 298 quality pins with links to tutorials.
Digital Photography School's Photoshop board on Pinterest

Photoshop Roadmap > Photoshop
Another a must follow board with lot of quality pins.
Photoshop Roadmap's Photoshop board on Pinterest

Photoshop Training Channel > Photoshop
Very nice board with pins to excellent video tutorials. Jesus (board owner and instructor) is paying attention on his Pinterest board and I recommend you to follow him.
Photoshop Training Channel on Pinterest

Photoshop Disaster
I must include this board because who do not like to see Photoshop disasters?
Photoshop Disasters board on Pinterest

Bojan Živković > Photoshop, > Photoshop Freebies
That's my board! Surpise! I left this board for last recommendation but many of you will find it most useful. I am pinning my Photoshop tutorials there but also and highest quality resources, tutorials and freebies from around internet.

How to find Photoshop related content on Pinterest

It is so simple. Visit Pinterest, login then start typing Photoshop, Photoshop tutorials and list with suggestions will appear.
Search for Photoshop related content on Pinterest

Once you confirm your search term it will open page with couple of filter options: Pins to see related pins, Boards to list related boards and Pinners to list for you most popular pinners on Pinterest.
Filter or sort options for related result on Pinterest


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