Layouts Actions Updated to Work Properly With Photoshop CC

Layouts Actions Updated to Work Properly in Photoshop CC

Recently I finished updating all my actions with layout in the title. The update is important for Photoshop CC users only, actions actually works fine with previous versions. If you are existing customer there is update through Graphic River available and you can download it without any additional cost. In case you want to record flexible actions using shapes or to modify actions downloaded or purchased from some other source because same or similar problem (I will explain where the problem is), please read the entire post and do not hesitate to contact me if you need any additional help.

Photoshop add-ons created by Bojan Živković owner of DesignEasy blog

About update and list with updated sets of actions

Updated actions do not have any other changes beside the way Photoshop is drawing shapes. Updated sets work well in Photoshop CC but also and in previous versions. Actions are flexible without dependency on document size, always delivers expected result and can be used to automate a wide variety of tasks from photo collages to creation of contact sheets, product tables, web design mock-ups and so on.

Below is list with updated Photoshop actions and one more time reminder that all existing customers can download updated versions without any additional cost through Graphic River where they have purchased the product.

Where is problem in Photoshop CC with recorded steps to draw flexible shapes and how to fix it

This is section for those who want to record flexible actions using shapes or they already have actions from other sources. I realized that Photoshop CC is ignoring recorded percentages and drawing shapes when playing actions as actions were recorded using pixels set for Ruler measurement unit.

By the way Photoshop CC will ignore Percent set for Ruler unit when using shape tools and will record shape anchor points using pixels instead of percentages.

Fortunately this is issue only when using shape tools, everything works fine if shape is drawn by inserting path (Actions panel menu > Insert Path) then filled with color, gradient or pattern from Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color, Gradient or Pattern. Here is my tutorial: How to Record Flexible Actions in Photoshop.

So conclusion or advice is to draw shapes (with Ruler unit set to Percent) in new actions by inserting path then filling it from Layer > New Fill Layer, of course if you want flexibility. When inserting path in this way Photoshop CC will respect percent set for Ruler measurement unit. Path anchor points will be recorded in action step using percentages what is required for flexibility.

Below on screenshot you can see hot it looks like when using Insert Path followed with New Fill Layer > Solid Color to draw shape.
How to draw shape in Photoshop using path and fill command

For actions which are already recorded in some of previous versions you must change step which draws shape, actually to replace it. Play step which draws shape, duplicate shape path to be able to use Insert Path command, then immediately after inserting path (while path is is still active - highlighted in Paths panel) fill it as explained above what will actually create shape on separate layer.

In case you have any doubt or you can not understand what is written above, please go and download sample files for my updated actions (use links under About update and list with updated sets of actions), play action then expand it in Actions panel to see what is recorded in steps which draws shapes.


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