Filter Forge Filters for Winter Scenes and Holidays

Filter Forge Filters for Winter Scenes and Holidays

It's winter. Christmas and New Year. Greetings and presents. I guess most of you are looking for winter effects, backgrounds and elements for greeting cards. That's my reason to write this post: I want to recommend you some Filter Forge filters.

Filter Forge has everything you need: from elements for your design through snow effects to winter scenes, backgrounds and even one click Christmas snowglobe with your image inside. You can generate and seamless tiling patterns for your web page by the way.

Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin

It is really amazing how many filters are available for download. I will list only, in my opinion, best and highest quality filters which are under my likeness. It is easy to check them all and to find your favorites. Click Filter Library: Download more filters link in top right corner of Filter Forge window then type Snow, Christmas, New Year... in search bar. There is and new slide show option to preview all listed filters very quickly in largest possible view. When you find filter you like just click its name in top middle of screen to open download page.
Slideshow option to quick preview filter forge filters

One more thing I want to mention: Filter Forge now supports wide variety of host applications including Photoshop, Photoshop Elements... Full functional 30 day free trial is available at any time. Still here? Ah, filters, here they are.

My favorite Winter, Christmas and New Year filters

Here we go. I will divide filters into categories so you will know in advance what each of filters is doing and for what is most appropriate to use it.

  • Christmas balls by Sjeiti (you can use your pattern or image)
  • Christmas Stocking
  • Stylized Pie Tree
  • christmas balls by truman (requires square document)
  • Christmas card
  • Presents for everyone
  • Snow Bunny
  • Snow crystal by ThreeDee
Christmas balls Filter Forge filter

  • GF Winter scenes Generator
  • Ice and Snow Patches
  • All is Quiet
  • Skating Ice
  • Ice Age of Time
  • Snowman
GF Winter Scene generator Filter Forge filter

  • First Snow (frames)
  • JLE Snowglobe (use square image)
  • JLE Snowglobe 2
  • Winter by geekatplay
Filter Forge Filters for Winter Scenes and Holidays

Snow effect
  • Falling Snow
  • Let It Snow
Let it Snow Filter Forge filter

Get Filter Forge – an advanced Photoshop plugin allowing you to build your own filters.


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