Quick Convert Image to Pencil Sketch Using Filter Forge

Quick Convert Image to Pencil Sketch Using Filter Forge

Filter Forge is amazing Photoshop plugin. As individual or solo plugin Filter Forge is absolutely the best and offers filters for just any situation and purpose. The only down side is that some filters needs lot of time to process or render image, pattern or effect. Fortunately there is solution for that: try filter and if takes lot of time just delete it to not clutter space and to not make mistake again. Almost any filter has alternatives and I am pretty sure you can find alternative filter for desired result which will quickly process/render image. In this post I want to point to two among many filters to convert image to pencil sketch.

Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin

My favorite filters for pencil sketch effect

Pencil Sketch and Pencil Draw are my favorites among many filters for this kind of effect.
Choose preset for Pencil Draw Filter Forge filter

Both filters will render effect in acceptable amount of time and gives excellent results with lot of controls. Give them a try and do not forget to save preset if you spend some time to customize some of default presets.
Controls for Pencil Draw Filter Forge filter

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