How to Create PowerPoint Presentation Using Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat

PowerPoint Presentation Using Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat

I know for option to convert PDF to PowerPoint presentation from Adobe Acrobat but I never used it. Finally I tried it out and it works like a charm. My presentation goes to slideshare and I was always suspicious how all that process will work. How good is Acrobat in job of converting PDF to PowerPoint presentation? What quality of conversion will be and what will happen with links I am placing at the bottom of my presentations? Answer on all my questions and perhaps and yours is: it can not be better! What can be better then to have ability to design in Photoshop or Illustrator then to layout pages in InDesign? Conversion is excellent and URL links works as expected. Let's go quickly through this simple process from Photoshop through InDesign and Acrobat to PowerPoint presentation.

Step 1 Design cover and background (optional) in Photoshop
My first step was to design cover page in Adobe Photoshop and to save it off course as PSD file with all layers included in composition. If you want to have some cool or fancy background then Photoshop or Illustrator will be your choice.
Design cover for presentation in Photoshop

Step 2 Layout your pages in InDesign
Second step is to import Photoshop files and to layout pages or feature slides. I won't go in details but what you see as final result is done in couple of minutes. I prepared first master page with link at the bottom. Importing images and placing them is actually extremely easy and fast using Gridify or Contact Sheet feature. As you see there are and captions which are actually file names. You have problem with file extension at the end of static caption? I cover that in How to Customize Static Captions in InDesign CC.
Layout pages in InDesign

Step 3 Export as PDF from InDesign
After finishing with layout of your document or presentation go and export it as PDF from File > Export > Adobe PDF (Print). I used Smallest File Size preset with Maximum Image Quality for Compression in Export Adobe PDF dialog.
Compression options in Export Adobe PDF dialog

If you check View PDF after Exporting option in general tab of Export Adobe PDF dialog it will open automatically file in Adobe Acrobat after exporting  or saving it.
View PDF after Exporting in Export Adobe PDF dialog

Step 4 Convert PDF to PowerPoint presentation from Acrobat
Last step is export or save created PDF document. It is extremely simple and easy to locate option. Click on Tools > Content Editing > Export File to... > Microsoft PowePoint Presentation. Specify location and name in Save As dialog and you are done.
Convert PDF to PowerPoint presentation from Adobe Acrobat

My Presentation
Here is my PowerPoint presentation uploaded on slideshare. Simple, nice and effective with everything included: preview of all edge effects, link to try and buy page (links on first 2 slides never works on slideshare) + YouTube video at the end of slideshow (video embedded on slideshare). As I said, it can not be easier and better especially for Creative Cloud subscribers.


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