Filters to Create Patterns From Input Image in Filter Forge Photoshop Plugin

Filter Forge Filters to Create Patterns From Input Image

In this post I will introduce you one more excellent function or capability of amazing Filter Forge: filters to create patterns from input image. You can start with really any image you have on your hard drive or even with shape(s). Filters for this kind of effects are grouped under Effect Filters > Patterns and you can download them by clicking on Filter Library: Download more filters link in top right corner of Filter Forge window.

Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin

Rendering time of all filters I will mention, in fact of all filters I have tried from this category is 0.5 seconds. Yes, this filters are extremely fast in rendering effect or pattern what is very important because you will always want to see lot of results before deciding which one to use. Here is one tip: if you have seen some cool pattern but you didn't stop to save it there is option: Randomizer > Back to go back in time (Undo) and reproduce previously rendered results. Back option is button on the left side of Next Variant in Settings tab. Just to mention that most of filters to create patterns has option Seamless Tiling and can produce seamless tiling patterns but you must pay attention on integer aspect ratio of input image, it should be 1:1 to not have any problem.

Options on Settings tab in Filter Forge

My favorite filters to render patterns from input image

I will give you tip for few filters which are my favorites but feel free to download and others from library and to experiment. As mentioned all filters in this category are extremely fast and if you do not like filter at all, just right click on its thumbnail and choose Delete what will permanently remove filter from your library and computer. Here we go:
  • Patterns Unlimited - good to work with input images but also and with single shape as input.
  • Reverser - my favorite in this collection.
  • Random Patterns - god, capable to positively surprise me some times.
  • Tilebits - very good.
  • Advanced Kaleidoscope - last one in my list of favorites.
Random Patterns filter in Filter Forge

Few examples with input image

This is input image used as starting point:
Input image or starting point for Patterns Filter Forge filters

Pattern generated using Random Patterns filter (just one from gazillion variants)
Patterns generated using Patterns Random Patterns filter from input image in Filter Forge

Pattern generated using Patterns Unlimited filter
Patterns generated using Patterns Unlimited filter from input image in Filter Forge

Pattern generated using Reverser filter
Patterns generated using Reverser filter from input image in Filter Forge

Pattern generated using Tilebits filter
Patterns generated using Tilebits filter from input image in Filter Forge

Pattern generated using Unknown (I just can not remember) filter
Pattern generated from input image in Filter Forge


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