Few Quick Tips for Topaz BW Effects

Few Quick Tips for Topaz BW Effects

BW Effects is one more excellent and a must have plugin from Topaz arsenal of photography tools. Although it is quite easy to understand interface and controls that this software has to offer, there are and some less noticeable and one can say hidden features which will make your job easier and more efficient.

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How to see original image in color

This is available feature which is not default behavior. If you are shooting with black and white in mind then you may never need it. Anyway it can be very useful to compare result of conversion and original color image and decide which one is better and if its worth to convert image to black and white. As you already know it is quite easy to see before or original image as it is imported, it is enough to click and hold om image in Topaz BW Effects window. By default you will see original image converted to black and white using default or last used settings. To change this behavior and to always see original color image as it is imported you must enable that feature from Menu > Preferences > Show colored before-image. Changes will be applied next time you launch or start Topaz BW Effects.
Set preferences to see original image in color in Topaz BW Effects

Add cool borders

In Finishing Touches section on the right side of screen you have lot of options like to add film grain, advanced toning, vignette effect... and one option that I want to point to: Border. If you check this option by default solid color border will be added and thats maybe what you want but I will suggest you to check and other 25 different border effects available. If you never tried this option before this will be nice surprise for you with one of hidden or not most obvious features: lot of different border effects. To see all available borders click on the name of border: default is Solid White or click triangle on the right side. You can also control border size using Size slider.
Access list with different border options in Topaz BW Effects

Change preview background color

There is another not so obvious option to change preview background color. To cycle through available preview background colors click on square in top right corner.
Change background preview color in Topaz BW Effects

Loupe view

Another very useful option is loupe view or in other words enlarged 100% view area underneath your cursor. To enable-disable this option click on target icon in top right corner. After enabling this option click directly on image to see that portion of image in small navigator window.
Turn on loupe view in Topaz BW Effects

Hide navigator and quick tools

Last tip for this post is to hide navigator and quick tools if you do not need them to get more room and to see all available options without scrolling when working with Local Adjustments for example.
Show/Hide navigator and quick tools in Topaz BW Effects

More tips

In addition to quick tips in this post you can read and few already posted which applies to all or most of Topaz plugins: How To Reset Parameters (Adjustments) in Topaz Plugins, Grid Preview With Presets Applied in Topaz Plugins, How To Quick Find Tutorials and Help For Topaz Plugins, Resample Images Before Running Topaz Plugins.


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